Thursday, August 6, 2020

His Better Way

"Another day in paradise?"  That's what this world would have you believe as you toil about and try to do as much as you can!  God has a better way...

When the pain becomes too great, He understands;
though the world continues giving you commands,
His invitation remains "Come, enter in..."
for there is solace and healing to be found therein!

When the pace becomes too great, He understands.
For EVERYTHING must bow to His commands!
He says "Slow, down.  Come to my side and rest."
For there am I restored and I am blessed!

And when everyone about has got demands,
I reach up and place each one inside His hands.
He takes care of that of which is most import,
and provides oasis unto which I resort!

Yes, this world will eat you up if you allow!
BUT GOD makes unto us a solemn vow:
"Cast all your cares upon Me and take time..."
Such simple steps to cause all of life to rhyme!

This world is showing no signs of slowing down.  In fact, it would have you believe that the faster you go, the more you will get done.  That MAY be true, but the more you obey that, the more worn out you will become!  Live at GOD'S pace, and you will be surprised how He will prosper you!

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Familiar and Not!

God is so good, so amazing, so wondrous and dependable.  However, He is also 'unexpected.'  Have YOU discovered that particular joy about His Person yet?

"There's nothing new under the sun..."
The wisest, long ago, to claim;
yet we find that, each new day,
not one of them to be the same!
Such enigma to confound us
all throughout His Holy Word!
He is the same then, now and forever,
yet His mercies are new each day occurred?

So we must live by faith, believing,
KNOWING He has all control--
God alone, the One Creator...
God--the Bishop of the soul!
One can depend on Him completely,
but He can't be put into a box!
For some, they must have concrete answers,
any less to cause them shocks!!

BUT GOD, He is dependable,
and His ways surpass our human ways!
Yet He relates to us completely,
therefore we give Him endless praise!
Such is the beauty of The Father:
every day He is so new!
NEVER weary of belonging
unto the One Who most loves You!

Just when you think You have God figured out, He says or does something to completely blow you away and cause you to want more and more of Him.  Such is the beauty and wonder of Him!  HE IS SO GOOD!

Saturday, August 1, 2020

The Mood of the Day

Each and every one of us has things to do...places to go...people to see.  We can decide before we even step out of the house what our attitudes will be when we get there.

Shall I repay with what I'm paid?
What purpose would that be?
This world has majored in the same,
BUT GOD says differently!
For vengeance--it belongs to Him,
and unto Him alone!
If I respond with grace and kindness,
minds--they will be blown!

Already are too many means 
that manufacture 'rage:'
the media...the internet...
even the printed page!
ALL have an opinion and
they hasten for to share,
even if it damages
somebody anywhere!
But if I respond with 'kindness'
and attempt to understand
it messes with the mind and brings
reactions so unplanned!
Such would Jesus do as He 
would walk amongst us now.
O be kind to one another and
'attempt' to 'see' somehow!

Certainly, there are things going on in each of our lives that we may not deserve.  However, our response to such has not only an effect on the situation, but on our health, as well.

Friday, July 31, 2020


So we must ask ourselves about our behavior of late.  More so, we must ask ourselves such but CONSTANTLY as we are in these final days!

So many sowing discord
just to get a 'rush.'
They cannot stand a time of peace
or a length of 'hush!'
The media...the internet,
devouring the same.
United States=divided states--
it's such an awful shame!

"But I have an opinion and
it must be known to all!
Who cares that someone may get hurt!
Who cares that some may fall!'
'Edify one another...' huh!
This is the electronic age!
I can say and do whatever,
regardless of hate or rage!!"

How polarized from the commands
to be the present day!
Anybody with a voice
will jump into the fray!
And not the voice that would unite,
but, further, to divide;
the same but even to incite
and claim "IT'S JUSTIFIED!!"

"But God, so change the heart 
so that we not pick apart
the brothers that YOU have made.
May YOUR empathy be displayed!"

God help us.  Have we become so 'advanced' that we have forgotten the very basics of 'getting along with others?'  How far back must we go to become 'civil' once again?

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

That Early Escape!

Early once again.  Early in the peace, The Presence, and the scent of summertime.  Here to receive today's instructions...

Early once more at the escape

that He has set aside;
fellowshipping with Him as He
tells how to abide;
I do not want to rush this time;
I can't be 'in a hurry,'
lest I miss out upon the peace,
thus causing stress and worry.

But peace is plentiful here, as

the day begins to form.
Unto the guidance of His voice
I yield and I conform.
He is perfect--and His way
is perfect every time;
thus, as soon as possible,
into His lap I climb!

Early yet at the escape--

no other way to start.
He knows the issues I will face,
He knows my very heart!
And He knows the steps that I must take
for victory to be,
therefore, so early every day,
so fellowship do we!

Yes, I see what time it is right now.  But right now is the first chance I have had today to record the exclusive time God and I have each morning.  Try it for yourself.  The day will go much smoother, and you will surely get done that which HE purposes!


Monday, July 27, 2020

Summer Afternoon

Afternoon at Lake Norfork.  Enjoying the waters...but for how long?  Off in the distance, the clouds approach and give their warning...

So generous be His amazing heart!
So incredible, His handiwork and art!
The lake that spans before the writer's eyes
only His great hand could customize!
It's filled with little creatures without number,
and He uses it, all stress to disencumber!

Afar, beyond the forest, green and lush,

thunderheads arise and break the 'hush!'
As we frolic in the cool and calm,
He creates the storm with His Own palm!
The clouds light up and rumble as they form;
such is life here in the August warm!

Gentle waves lapping against the shore--

such wonders are what summer days are for.
The generosity of Creator God--
true life to pause to, His great might, applaud!

"Hey kids, just a little longer and we will have to go back home. There's a storm coming."  The grandchildren groan in return as they splash about.  So refreshing be the cool waters of the lake, and so generous be God to provide this wonderful retreat!


Sunday, July 26, 2020

His Purposes

So much is happening in and around and through us.  Will you retreat and watch, or will you avail yourself and participate in His glory?

The vessel that He gives me,
so perfect and so pure,
I must take the greatest care of it
so that it may endure!
I must use it for His glory while
I answer His great call;
the gift that He has given me--
for it is meant for all!

The gifts that He gives--be it

money, talent, time or 'thing'
weren't meant for this man to retain
but for joy to ALL to bring!
And such can be done only as
I empty out each day
KNOWING that He will refill
each step along the way!

The 'vessel' that is this man, though

imperfect be at times,
He uses anyway and, somehow,
every effort rhymes!
Avail yourself unto Him and see
if it not be true.
You'll be surprised at all the
miracles that HE can do!

You are not your own if Jesus Christ is your Savior.  You are His and He will use you in ways that you could never imagine!  Stand back, stand up and say "HERE AM I, LORD, SEND ME!"


Saturday, July 25, 2020

TIME to trust!

Some say it goes too fast.  Others say it goes too slow.  Many say it will end soon.  But time will always be.  The only point is where and how we will spend it.
Right now, I am spending it with Jesus as we watch TIME turn into evening in the glory of His creation...

Sunset tints the treetops yet once more,

as July is heading for the door.
So very many things today contained,
at not one of them this man complained.
Some of them I wish had lasted longer...
some of them served to make me stronger...
and some of them now help me to unwind--
like this time now with Jesus that I find!
He orders life to change its hue at will,
as He inserts great detail with such skill!
He talks to me about all that's happening,
but reasons are one thing He doesn't bring!
I know the latter, it will come in TIME;
thus I am to enjoy the things sublime.
Like the dragonflies...the hummingbirds...and the clouds...
and fret not about the things that He yet shrouds.
For I know that the present bliss may not last long;
And something else will surely come along.
Something of which He has complete control,
because He is the Bishop of my soul!
Yes, time happens--and no explanations are.

Oh, but He provides a peace that goes so far
as to escort us throughout whatever be!
Just trust Him with YOUR time and you will see!

Yes, trust Him.  Fully let go.  Release the grip you think you have upon that which is happening.  It is a very difficult thing for some.  Others, those who KNOW His faithfulness, have little trouble trusting their time to Him!


Friday, July 24, 2020

True Wealth!

Each of us possess it.  But do we appreciate it?  If you are reading these words then you are wealthy, indeed, as You are also able to behold the wonder of His creation...

Whispers in the air disturb
the branches so alive...
the squirrels and the hummingbirds
are playful as they thrive...
the contents of those branches, they
now start to slowly turn
as very gentle hints of autumn
now begin to burn.

The cycle of the seasons--

ever-faithful, ever-slight;
visible, however, in
the vesper's gentle light.
I fellowship with Him Who
manufactures blessed awe;
we converse about the countless
wonders that I saw!

Whispers ever-faint begin

to gain intensity,
and branches' dance gains tempo with
the thunderheads to be!
'O come, ye welcome rain!  You are
so necessary here!
Your arrival, it would bring
much merriment and cheer!'

Summer soon expiring;

God's colors, though, admiring
with time to slowly pass...
we are such a wealthy mass!!

Yes, wealthy we are to behold the wonder and glory of His great creation.  No matter how hot it gets, no matter how cold it gets, we are wealthy nonetheless to simply be alive and KNOW the workings of His mighty hand!


Thursday, July 23, 2020

IN The Lake!

Ahhh...time off!  I know exactly where to go, and I am in the company of three beautiful people to go there with!

Norfork is choppy as the morn

turns into afternoon...
the surface of the lake rests not
as it did in June!
Perhaps the thunderheads about
have a role to play;
none of such to have effect though
on this most beauteous day!

Surely, there's a storm a-brewing,

due later tonight,
but now, as we frolic in the water,
it's a glorious sight!
And the water--so refreshing
from the heat that's been;
it makes one to desire to
stay but forever in!

But such cannot stay, as we know;

life--it must proceed!
And life right now includes this swim--
it is a want and need!
And God, Creator of this lake
and all that is surrounding,
makes sure that, so enjoyable, 
is life...and life abounding!

So needed and so necessary are such times as right now.  We are busy with business... busyness...and 'necessities' that are.  But don't forget that rest and relaxation are necessities, too!  And God, in His infinite wisdom, provides time for such also.


Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Get together

As time goes we seems that 'life' has a way of taking loved ones and putting them further and further away from one another to find success.
Said thought occurred to me as I beheld the glory of His creation today...

The red oak standing guard,
so weathered and so hard,
is leaning to the east
but giving not the least!
I notice, in Our walk,
the slant of its great stalk!
Still, though, its massive shade--
an oasis has it made
for every kind of beast
and bird--not in the least!

Another day alive.

The city is to thrive
but minus this man today,
as I will stay away
and enjoy sweet family,
as, together, would we be
if but for this one day
apart from 'holiday;'
watching trees that lean,
so peaceful and serene,
and visiting with God-
His creation to applaud!

We all have successful careers in different cities in different states.  BUT NOT TODAY!  Today we gather as family, if but only for a little while, and fellowship together.  What a gift! 
I rose today and took note of the glorious morning that God created.  He made the day beautiful for travelling, so all the children could arrive and we could savor one another's company...if only for a few hours.  GOD IS SO GOOD!


Monday, July 20, 2020

That Precious Time!

Time again with God.  This time, it is before anything else interferes.  I grab my coffee, step outside and behold...

Underneath the awning in
the very early on
hummingbirds dart in and out
and celebrate the dawn!
Sipping on the nectar that
they've spoiled us to make,
they entertain with antics with
grace, beauty, speed and brake!

Rejuvenating be this time

that MUST be every day.
All else can wait as God and I
observe this pleasant way!
Though many things await completion,
time with HIM is first!
The blessings that arise from such--
they cannot be reversed!

Underneath the morning, oh 

so vibrant, so alive,
before the duties of the day
and their affects arrive,
God so blesses, entertains
and truly fascinates!
Underneath the awning, ignoring
chores and times and dates!

Early in the morning...after you get off work...even right before you go to bed, time with God must be made if we are to continue to live victoriously!  Whenever you MAKE that time, enjoy every moment of it, and He will 
always honor it!

Saturday, July 18, 2020

It's your choice!

Someone cuts too close to us in traffic, we explode!  Someone says something that offends us, we don't talk to them ever again.  Someone reports something on the news, we change the channel.  How did we become so over-sensitive??

Why does it seem that anger is

a staple in our diet?
Try as we may, there be so many
that would so deny it!
'Anger'--it remains a 'choice'
that each of us must make.
I know some 'angry' people that
display a 'joy' so fake!
Somebody makes a statement that
sets tone for all the day.
It may not even be what's said,
but the way they 'say.'
We have a decision to react
one way or another;
anger grows if we ALLOW it--
for we can choose the other!

Jesus gives us each ability

how to react.
The results of said reaction--
on our lives will it exact.
We are enabled to react 
in God's great grace and love;
the same to so affect all life
from God so high above!

Name-calling...threats....and even 'silence'

is how some react.
But Jesus has a greater way
to keep our 'selves' intact:
allow HIM to do battle for us
in ALL the things of life--
for such will allow us to excel,
and GOD will deal with the strife!

Too many examples of said strife and emotion being shown to us from too many outlets!  How will it affect YOU?  That is all up to YOU.  However, what if we reacted the way that Jesus does?  If we do so, the results will be far less painful and destructive!

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Knowing Signs

What time is it?  What time of year is it?  Where is God while all this is going on?  Them that know Him well know these answers...

As afternoon begins becoming late,

so glorious, the images that create
with just the slightest movement of His hand--
those privy and alert, they understand!

Before the countless leaves begin to turn,

they shimmer with slight movement then return
while reaching out as far as they can go--
it is July, and so beautiful, you know!

My Creator joins me in this perfect place.

So liberally would He, His Presence, grace!
Not every time 'spectacular' is He,
most times is He covert with subtlety!
That's why we must be with Him on ALL days
that we may come to know His many ways!
Like now, when it seems 'special' not at all:
you can see the afternoon, feel and hear Him call!

It's only a month into summer, but if you are aware, you can tell what time of year it is by feeling and listening and, of course, by seeing.  Are you just as sensitive to the Presence of God?  You can be...just by spending time in His Presence!


Monday, July 13, 2020

NOT a matter of choice!

"Whatsoever ye would that men do to you, do ye even so unto them."  Matthew 7:12
So commands our Lord and Savior to each and all that belong to Him.  If you want to be treated well, treat others well as you go about your day.  Does it always work?  Of course not.  But YOU will be the better for it!

The details of the day shall not deter me;

they might require adjustments as I go.
"Nothing new beneath the sun..." so echoes;
creation changes...not The Creator, though!
We love yet--but we do so with more caution
for ourselves and others--because we care;
God's love demands  we do so IF we love others,
even if, the same values, they don't share!

The times that we are in are like no other.

Those privy--they so look for His return!
Until that glorious Trumpet Blast, however,
continues there to be so much to learn!
Take care to be alert until that moment;
care also, though, to love your fellow man!
Regardless of his attitude or motives,
he still remains a part of Jesus' Plan!

This life is complicated.  And it seems to get more so with each new day to pass.  We WILL run into difficult, outright nasty people, but we are not to return the same to them.  God knows the heart.  EVERY heart.  He did NOT call us to be 'doormats,' but He will see to it that you are greatly rewarded for not returning evil for evil!


Saturday, July 11, 2020


Yes, absence.  It is a painful is an even more painful 'experience.'  Often, it is not preventable.  Too often, however, it is...

"I haven't seen you for so many years,
yet, as I do, that absence disappears!
We still have so very much to talk about;
as we commune, o let not time run out!
For in the absence has happened many things;
and seeing you again such blessings brings!
How are you?  How are the kids?  Let's talk of life.
Too many sources only talk of strife.
Let's skip all that and focus on the 'good.'
Let's make some more GREAT memories if we could!

Too long is 'absence' over things that may be not.

Most have moved on, and now we have a spot
to start afresh, to love and to embrace,
all thanks to the abundance of God's grace!
Too many get a second chance at such,
yet they ignore those 'things' arranged by God's own touch!
Let's make sure that doesn't happen while we're here
and enjoy the here and now as Jesus passes near!"

Absence.  A painful time.  It can often be avoided but, due to silly things like pride, hurt feelings and such, too many people cling to that absence and try to 'justify' it.  

May we be slow to anger, quick to forgive, and savor the time we have with one another while we still have each other.

Friday, July 10, 2020

The New 'Normal?'

Around town...around the country...indeed, around the world, there is talk and proof of a 'new normal.'  ONE THING has caused almost everything else to shift or change!  One, however, changes not, and He is well aware of it all.

'Your ways are over and above;

Your motive is and will be LOVE!
Though 'happenings' are going on,
Your care for us is NEVER gone!
You see beyond this crisis now
while You maintain that solemn vow
to love, take care of and fight for us
as long as, in Your Son, we trust!
And even them not trusting yet:
the ones defying the love they get...
the ones who curse Your very Name...
You even love them all the same!

Yes, 'changed' to be the times that be,

but it won't last eternally.
"This, too, shall pass..." just like before
while yet Your standing at the door!'

Take heart, therefore, and carry on.

For someday, this plague will be gone
and Christ will stand victoriously!

Only ONE knows what each new day will bring.  It will rain and the just and the unjust.  The believer, however, has an assurance during this crisis like no one else has!  May we spread that assurance as much as possible!


Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The issues of the Day

They seem to amass with each new day to pass.  UNLESS we turn them over to Him and let HIM handle them.  That's the ONLY way we will move on...

The issues that afflict me--
God knows about them each,
but He make sure each one of them
will, only so far, reach!
The shield of His protection,
the shelter of his arms
make sure those daily issues
do not cause any harms!

So is His care for ANYONE 

who calls upon His Name.
He is so great that He can care
for everyone the same!
But some would yet reject Him, thinking
they have their own way,
slow to learn the love and care
His Presence would convey!

The issues of this life--for there

is NOT a greater way
to face them and to handle them
than casting them God's way!
He never meant for us to travel 
on this road alone;
He wants to be inside, beside,
that victory be known!!

The issues of this life affect us all.  The issues of this day affect us all.  But those issues are no match for Him, as He already knows the outcome of them each.  Who are YOU going to depend on?


Monday, July 6, 2020

Precious Independence

A few days late...sorry!
Sure, we celebrated our freedom as a nation and we take that not for granted.  There is, however, another 'freedom' that only Christ can provide...

So glorious--the gift of
independence in this land!
We are free to move about and see
the workings of his hand!
Free to do that which we want,
to celebrate the same;
even free to gather and
to glorify God's Name!

Not everyone can make such claim

around this glorious world.
To do so in some places would
bring rocks and insults hurled!
For there are even places where
His praises induce death--
so fortunate we, as Americans,
to inhale freedom's breath!

And very blessed am I, as I

behold the day He's made;
to watch the mountain range afar
while relaxing in the shade
that comes so soon--before the chores
this new, free day would hold;
and He converses with me with
a freedom yet so bold!

Celebrating our independence on a glorious Sunday morning!  Giving thanks without end to The God Who provides independence...a liberty that goes beyond nationality!  Know God.  Know freedom that no law can affect!  He avails it yet to any and all who call on Jesus!


Saturday, July 4, 2020

Gift of Freedom

So gifted, so wealthy, so incredibly blessed we are to live in this country!  If you are reading these words, please include a prayer of thanks to God this day as you celebrate for the liberty that we have...'s a priceless gift
that's realized by so few.
is that because, to such as we,
it never has been 'new?'
or is it because we're also free
to be apathetic?
How any dare to savor such
and be 'patriotic?'

Gifted we be with the freedoms

that we so enjoy.
May we be careful so that
gratitude we would employ
unto The God providing such--
for it is borne of His great love
and meted by His touch!
Sure, we've had to fight for such,
and some be yet in strife
for the liberties we know
that cost many a life!
Have I ever realized this
while going through the day?
I need to stop daily and, 
for the embattled, pray!

The precious gift of freedom--for

we celebrate it so!
And we keep in heart the many that,
said freedoms, are yet to know!
NEVER take for granted just
how gifted this country be.
God alone to set the stage
for our precious liberty!

"Thank You, Lord, for the freedoms we enjoy.  We thank YOU, Lord, because we know that it is only by YOUR direction that the founders could have come up with our way of life.  Please help those, Lord, that are yet to know such precious freedom!


Friday, July 3, 2020

What a beautiful word!

Oh how beautiful and wonderful is the sound of that word!  May we not let the attitudes or actions of certain others affect that right now!

We celebrate our freedom in many ways.
We have to do it, though, differently these days!
But our liberty shall NOT be overcome--
for we STILL have far more privilege than some!
For God, He's blessed us in so many ways!
Therefore, constant, unto Him, shall be our praise!
And He is worthy of each living word!
To be ungrateful would yet be so absurd!

We have the liberty to celebrate...

we even have the freedom to berate!
And, lately, some have used that liberty;
but do we truly know how 'privileged' we be?
For I have many friends that yearn for such.
They live in places that 'liberty' can't touch!
The lifestyle we enjoy--for such they long;
may we pray for them as we sing freedom's song!

Yes, we celebrate our freedom in many ways.

The greatest of which to be unending praise
to Jesus Christ Who sealed a 'liberty'
that no man nor document could guarantee!
So celebrate with praise inside your heart!
And give glory unto God: HOW GREAT THOU ART
for allowing us the grace to live this way!
"O Father, please bless and protect this U.S.A.!"

Yes, we are a blessed country indeed.  No matter what party you belong matter how you feel about whomever...we are FREE to do so!  That is a privilege denied to many.  May we NEVER take such for granted, and NEVER lose sight of those who do not have it so well.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Too early?

Out on the deck with coffee.  Too early for some...others already at work...but at this hour the heart of the poet cries out

"Good morning, gracious Father!
Once more, so glorious day!
Creation touts Your majesty
in spectrum of display!
The rising sun...the song of bird...
the vast array of tree...
oh how can life do anything 
but resonate melody!
For You have made another cycle
of life as we know
to fully turn into this moment
of worship to bestow!
From limbs and boughs and branches,
and from the ground and sky--
all to harmonize in praise
and aptly prophesy!

And man would add his voice to the

crescendo that is 'morning'
as he beholds tone and spectacle
with which You be adorning!
The glory and the wonder--they
belong to You alone;
and grateful all the day we be
that You have shared Your Own!

Yes, good morning, gracious Father!

A great day is surely due
simply knowing Your great love
and that we belong to You!"

Too early?  Not for the company of Creator God!  He meets me here before anything else and we commune.  NEVER miss out on such wondrous matter what time of day it is, God is ALWAYS available!


Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Her Sacrifices

The day off from work.
Does that REALLY mean OFF from work?  No!
I had to do several chores around the house so I could het away FINALLY find some new HOT WHEELS!
It was well worth it, however, as I got to spend those precious hours conversing with her and seeing God's great creation as she drove us along!
As she drove and we talked, God gave me some words to share that pertain to each one of us...

"Oh make us more like YOU, oh Lord;

oh make us more like You!
Help us to understand each other
like we're supposed to do.
The fetters that so bind us...
the error of our ways...
help us to shed the same that we
may so adopt YOUR ways!

Yes, make us more like You, oh Lord,

that we may get along.
Oh make our voices harm no one,
and harmonize in song!
Too long have we demanded ways
that are not always fair;
too long have we grown 'comfortable'
with things that are 'unfair.'

PLEASE make us more like You, oh Lord,

and put each other first.
The 'way of this world.' it abounds,
but it CAN be reversed!
We only must set 'ME' aside,
and seek the best for ALL!
No 'class,' no 'race,' no 'generation' 
can deny such call!

Yes, my wife set aside most of what she had planned today to accommodate MY desires.  i am so blessed!  God gifted me with something far more valuable that 'the latest Hot Wheels.'  He blessed me with a wife who will drop anything to try and please me.  I love you so much, Debby Busby, and thank you for 39 amazing years of "Life!!"  (And thank you for driving us everywhere!)


Tuesday, June 30, 2020 last!

A moment set aside by Him for me to unwind.  He knows exactly when and where we need it, and the place He chose today is so beautiful...

Overcast the afternoon to be;

regardless, there is o so much to see!
The leaves, they shimmer in the winds that are,
and deer be grazing on the meadow afar.
What a glorious view here on the deck!
Day is done and no chores are to beck.

So necessary is this precious time

to relax and spend with God--so very prime!
Just a moment to shut out the speed of life,
escaping all the issues and the strife,
to visit with the One Who knows all things--
what refreshing and renewal this time brings!
Don't forget to do the same in YOUR own day,
lest life overtakes you on the Narrow Way.
For God understands and so creates this place
out of the abundance of His grace,
and He fills it with creation to commune,
as He knows that, from the stress, NONE be immune!

Find this place wherever you are, whoever you are.  For God is fully aware of all things at all times, and He WANTS you to cast those cares upon Him.  He can handle it all.  We cannot!  Enjoy the rest.  Enjoy the view.  And thank Him for it constantly!


Monday, June 29, 2020

Staunch Reality

Jesus associated with everyone.  Even the hated, the rejected, the ones no one wanted anything to do with.  Do WE do the same?  
When I have 'enough' Jesus, will I continue to seek Him?  
When I have read the Bible enough, will I stop opening it up each day?  Hmm....

The hated...the rejected...the criminal...

even the 'handicapped,' the sick...
anyone who is 'different' and
doesn't fit into my 'clique...'
have I avoided even those 
who have 'different' faces?
I thought the love of God the Father,
such as this, erases?
Sure, there is a change of life
with 'born again' to start,
but I must also 'choose' to love
to have a change of heart!
And that TRUE change necessitates
not 'labeling' as above;
regardless what you look like, my first
feeling should be LOVE!
For if I am to be like Christ
in everything I do,
'stereotypes' and 'labels,' they
must all become taboo!
For I have qualities you want,
and YOU contain the same!
How bold to move beyond 'ourselves'
and glorify God's Name!

Every one of us has a need for God...AND FOR EACH OTHER!  We cannot fulfill that need if we are arguing, fighting and protesting!  Sure, there is a time for debating issues, but loving and accepting one another should NOT be one of those issues.


Saturday, June 27, 2020


"I looked and saw every man in every place and behold: wickedness abounded!"

"O cast me not away, O Lord,
retain me as Your Own!
As Your friend and servant is
this man already known;
and also as recipient
of mercy, grace and love
that flows without a limit from
the throne room high above!
BUT LORD, may I be known as well
as a friend to all;
someone they can talk to, laugh with,
cry or even call!
And when they do, may YOU be heard
in every exchange;
for  this world is desperate for an ear,
and DYING for a change!

But cast US not away, o Lord,

though we may not behave.
We need You to embrace us, change us,
we need You, Lord to save!
Though our actions and our attitude
they may say otherwise,
we need You more than ever, lord--
Jesus Christ, most wise!"

We seek that which is most necessary in the awfullest of places...we turn to idols and 'things' seeking that which only Jesus Christ alone can provide!  God forgive us!  Surely we must repent corporately, but it takes an individual effort on each person's part to exact the change that is so desperately needed, and that change comes from only ONE place: JESUS CHRIST!


Friday, June 26, 2020


The news comes on again.  I open up my Bible.  "There is nothing new under the sun..." says the wisest.  

Why does it take a tragedy

for me to change my ways...
why must it take a travesty
for 'progress' in these days...
why must the basic laws of God
be totally ignored?
Is it because we've shunned The Word,
dismissing Christ the Lord?

Ten simple rules--they now become

'amendments...,' hints...requests?
With common sense and courtesy
each one of us is blessed.
But do we always use them?
Where is 'The Golden Rule?'
Does that expire the moment that
we graduate from school?

"The times, they are a-changin'...'

but is the human heart?
We MUST infuse God and His love
if true change is to start!
You are no better than I am.
I am no better than you!
If we could only realize this
imagine what we could do!!

'One step forward, three steps back.'  But it doesn't have to be this way!  Each of us have within us the capability to move forward, to get along and make progress.  We cannot be FORCED to, we must DECIDE in our hearts to.


Thursday, June 25, 2020

There are STILL moments!

In spite of what we see and hear in a barrage of information from too many sources, there are STILL moments to be captured, savored and enjoyed.  In fact, the same be a NECESSITY!

Beyond the trees, so radiant

with colors, life and motion,
be the tranquil waters of
the early evening ocean;
the same to seem to still all life
regardless of the pace;
and I am caused to pull aside
in a 'deserted' place.
I park the car and halt the schedule
that be such a rush,
lean back and take the wonder in,
savoring the 'hush!'

From the side of this hill there

is so much to take in!
The Lord joins me and we converse
about how life has been.
Yet briefly, though, as He knows all,
and points out everything
that seems so unaffected by
events now happening.
For God, He knew I needed this place
on this very road
to forget, if only briefly,
this life's current load,
and to enjoy His handiwork
so majestically displayed
in the ever-constant ocean
that, by His hand, was made!

A 'quick' trip up the coast to a meeting with client.  Interrupted?  No way!  I will enjoy such 'distractions' as often as He deems necessary!  HE KNOWS this man's heart better than anyone, and I KNOW that, as I follow His lead, success will always follow!


Wednesday, June 24, 2020

More Signs of the Times?

Integrity.  Accountability.  Empathy.  BUT THIS IS AMERICA!  I can do and say whatever I want to!!  Really?

"Press on...without regard...without restraint!"

In such lifestyle, 'accountability' there ain't!
What happens when 'authority' goes wrong?
Such results be detrimental, and they be long!
Is such the result of 'liberty' in this life?
Is this what happens when, absent, be all strife?
Such should NOT be!  And, accountable, are each
to a Higher Power that no 'policy' may reach!

Regardless of your politics, beliefs or race,

there are morals, rules and consequences to face.
For there is ONE God, and He is aware of ALL;
and there is one day that each of us will receive His call.
There is not one, not anyone, with a free pass.
We will ALL give account for what our lives amass!
Every word and thought and deed that we have done
are before they eyes of God and His Perfect Son.

Does that affect any perspectives that you contain?

For God's Word declares His judgment very plain!
Our motives and our intentions, one and all,
in the spotlight of His Word they each do fall.
See to it thus, my friend, that your heart is pure,
lest, His wrath and indignation, you must endure
and miss the Paradise He has for His Own!
By integrity, truth and grace may we be known!

The Bible speaks of and warns us about spiritual wickedness in high places.  However, it is just as simple for such to occur in the 'every day,' even in the sanctity of being by yourself!  Guard your heart!  Guard your thoughts and set a watch upon your lips.  For time is short!


Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Guardians with root!

'Here I go.  Off again to get something done that someone wants yesterday...'  For a lot of people, that is a way of life.  But I know a MUCH better way...

The sentry standing guard across the land.
It's variety--but who could understand?!
Producing wonder at each striking glance;
to capture their effect--have I a chance?

The glory and the wonder of the trees--
but each day am I captured so by these!
They come in every color, shape and size,
and, always, they're a treat unto the eyes!
They wave at me with just the slightest breeze...
they dance in storms and stand their guard with ease...
they give me shade when I'm caught in the heat...
without them, landscapes seem so incomplete!
"And Father, only YOU can make those trees
with such variety and colors that so please!
With gratitude to You we so behold
their beauty majestic with seasons to unfold!!"

Too many of us rush about the day, driving right past these majestic creations without even taking note.  What a waste!  Slow down!  Note the beauty that He instills in each of those glorious trees!

Monday, June 22, 2020

Let HIM Lead!

Even in a pandemic, there are some of us who have to travel to places we have not been to before.  Being where I am and doing what I do, I see such folks every day.  One came
through my line today and told me how refreshing it was to meet someone with my attitude, and thanked me for brightening her day...and I was just being 'me!'

Attitude is everything

in what you are assigned.
It's possible to contain a song,
even if you're confined.
And who knows what effect it has
on that which is around?
But YOU be all the better when
your attitude is sound!

Not always are the days 'ideal'

as we plod along;
but greater the results each day
when you contain a song!
And Christ within--He is that source
of constant melody,
regardless of the world about
or your own malady!
Great is your reward as you
display His eternal joy;
and easier the task as you,
His qualities, employ!

Yes, attitude is everything,

especially in THIS day;
commit yourself unto His ways,
and goodness you'll convey!

Whatever you do, it IS possible to do it with joy and a song in your heart.  You never know who or what it may affect!

Sunday, June 21, 2020

THE Father's Love!

We all have fathers.  Some of us have had the pleasure of having wonderful ones!  There is One Father, however, Who is Perfect, and He avails His love to any who ask for it...

What is a love that cannot be affected...
a love that cannot waver, cannot wane...
what is a love that comes without condition?
It is the love of God--so very plain!
O but far from 'plain,' the love that God has for us!
It surpasses anything that's understood!
His arms, for they are constantly around us;
and His every thought toward us, it is good!

That love that, by no thing, can be affected

is showered on us ever from the height!
And each and all of us have so much of it
that we can share it freely with delight!
For there is a world that starves for such attention
unknowing of a Father, perfect so;
and it is up to each and all His children
to make sure those people clearly come to know!

It is NOT a service, a sermon or just a message,

it is a precious gift and way of life!
That love is the ONLY thing that will sustain us
and get us through each day--whatever strife.
What is a love that cannot be affected?
The love of God the Father for us all!
Obtain that love and trust in it for yourself
by saying "YES!" to Holy Spirit's call!

It is available.  It is free.  There is no limit to it, and it is ready and waiting just for YOU!  It's not just the love from A father, it's the love from The Perfect Father!  Let nothing hinder you from seeking Him!


Saturday, June 20, 2020

George Busby

The middle of June.  Thinking of daddy once again.  No, this is not the only time he comes to mind, I think about him every day, and miss him terribly!

"I remember riding on your shoulders

even when you were wore out...
your rugged hands, they held my own
when we would venture out...
you helped me with my math homework--
skills I never knew you had!
Respectfully, most folks called you "Buzz,"
but I got to honor of calling you "Dad."

I never heard you complain about

the task that had to be done;
instead, you always gave invitation:
"Wanna come help me with this, son?"
I learned so much by watching, listening,
and even fetching your tools;
you made sure the three of us had enough
to not appear to be fools!
(Had I paid closer attention to
the skills that you tried to hone,
I would sure be a much more wealthy man--
from just car repairs alone!!)
But daddy, I be a much wealthier man
in the values and the love that I gleaned
by being in your presence for all those years,
and such CANNOT be 'machined!'

So daddy, as I wipe the teardrops

and try to finish this accolade,
I hope your looking down and seeing the difference
that, in this temporary life, you have made
not just on your son, but upon everyone
that you affected in this place!
We all be the richer for having memories of you
that not even time can ever erase!"

It is the prayer of this man that each one reading these words can say the same about their father.  May he have been more than just a 'father,' may you have truly had a 'dad!'


Friday, June 19, 2020

Breath of Fresh Air!

Yes, a breath of fresh air!  That's what it feels like when someone tells you that they will do something and they actually follow through with it!  Unfortunately, with a lot of people, that is a lost art...

You gave your word.  You did the job.

You even went beyond!
You followed the agreement as if
it were your seal and bond!
You did what was expected, even
going the extra mile--
such as this, it pleases God,
it even makes Him smile!

You did all this--though such is 

o so rare this day and age.
Regardless who was watching, you
made 'quality' your gauge!
Uncommon be such practices,
(though such should be the norm!)
Such would seek mere 'quantity,'
and not, to 'best,' conform!

Refreshing and so good to see

in these so 'busy' days.
has so become life's phrase!
But few still stick to 'quality'
and standing by their word.
Make certain such be recognized
and God will be seen and heard!

Thank you for doing an outstanding job today.  You know who you are!  God will reward you bountifully, and you will be highly recommended to others who seek such quality and hold to such high standards.