Thursday, February 27, 2020

But I want it now!

Have you ever felt that way?  Especially regarding folks you are acquainted with that seem to just suddenly 'drop off?'  NEVER give up hope!

How precious and refreshing be
that voice you long to hear!
That one you could not get in touch with
so, the worst, you fear!
You pray for them and leave them in
the hands of Knowing God,
and when they get in touch with you
your heart and soul applaud!

Continue, though, to pray for them

when they cannot be heard
and you know not the reason--for then
they NEED every word!
And petition the very God
Who sees and knows all things;
the ONLY One Who, comfort, peace,
and true relief, so brings!

That voice so welcome--there be one,

at least one in each heart.
Lose not hope in yearning; of your
prayers, make it a part!
The God Who knows all things will cause
that voice to reappear,
and perfect peace shall be your stay
as celebrations cheer!

Have you any idea what these words mean?  Is there someone YOU haven't heard from and wonder about?  God knows all about them and He will supply you with all you need as you wait!  Do all you can and let God do the rest.


Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Proper Life

A calling be placed in the heart of ALL that are born-again.  We are to carry out that calling with certain attitudes and ethos.  For then will God receive the glory...

Service, duty, humility
with valiance, boldness and care--
blessed are the fortunate
who do so unaware;
oblivious to attention,
ego,  esteem and pride;
for in the same way HE so lived,
He suffered and He died.
He did so KNOWING that this death,
for it is NOT the end,
and treasures be amassed for all
who do so and not pretend!

We're reminded that THIS life is

fragile, temporary,
and, through each day, we are to be
the humble contemporary.
We serve and we obey if 
accolades are or are not
knowing that the BEST reward
we have already got!
For Jesus paid the greatest to
secure for us the same,
and the least that we can do is, but
a witness for Him, claim!

Go your way then.  Do your best

with Heaven in your heart,
and Jesus Christ upon your face
KNOWING you have a part!

Service with humility.  Such to secure no greater reward, but that's not the motive.  It's all for the glory of God and the increase of His kingdom, and it applies to ALL that belong to Him!


Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Just a funeral term?!

"Ashes to ashes."
Too often we hear that phrase in the type of service we dread, but it behooves us to remind ourselves of it often so as to not forget our fragility...and HIS faithfulness!

From the very dust He made us

with His very hand;
He breathed 'life' into that which He
had fashioned from the land!
The intricacies of our being--
we are still finding out!
Reminded we that 'dust' we are,
lest we should garner clout!

To dust shall we return one day,

(lest we hear That Trumpet Sound!)
Thus, obeisance unto God,
in us, it should be found!
Without Him, we are nothing!  Yet,
in Him, we're everything!
May such a level of 
humility so grip our being!

He knows of every thought, intention

of each and every heart.
Still, He reaches out to us
and offers us a part!
He even sends His One Begotten
to indwell our hearts each day!
How, then, could anything except
humility be our stay?!

So many of us have accomplishments, titles, positions and, what THIS world considers, power, yet none of it matters when looking into Jesus' face, and taking to heart what He has accomplished!  Cling to Him all the more and do your best FOR HIS GLORY...for THAT is the only thing that will matter after all, and stand the test of time.


Monday, February 24, 2020


The Word of God lives!  It implores us to announce His coming, and authorizes us to introduce Him to a lost and dying world until That Day...

Blow a trumpet in Zion, Zion;

sound alarm throughout the land!
He is worthy!  He is holy!
You are graven on His hand!
Worthy of all praise is He,
all adoration, too!
Blow a trumpet!  Celebrate--
for Jesus celebrates you!

And in that Place where time is not
there is a party too!
The factors of this life are absent,
Christ is in full-view!
His glory, it is imminent,
the same so emanates!
He walks amongst the ones he loves
and each one celebrates!

"BLOW A TRUMPET!"  Ancient be
the confident command.
The Word, though, it is still alive,
so rise up!  TAKE A STAND!
Celebrate him everywhere
as time be growing short!
Sound the word: HE IS THE WAY,
no factor to distort!

Yes, tune the ear, hear That Trumpet even now in the distance!  For the hour is upon us, and now is, that Jesus Christ be poised to come receive his own to himself!  Are YOU one of them yet?

Sunday, February 23, 2020

YOU Matter!

Who cares?
It doesn't make any difference.
Everyone else is doing it!  It doesn't matter how I treat them...

Someone pays attention when

nobody else can see;
what 'matters' to no one at all
has the concern of Three!
Even the 'good' that's taking place
that catches no one's eye
is noticed and applauded by
a multitude on high!
When headlines reek of nothing that
may elevate the soul,
a million more things happen that
elevate, make whole!
The same will not make 'headlines' as
it may not catch the ear;
BUT GOD, He's very active and
His hand is ALWAYS near!
So give up not at reaching out
with a smile or an embrace;
for they are VERY necessary
in this fleeting place!
and there is GOOD news--though you may not
see it on the 'news;'
and even YOU are part of it,
regardless of one's views!

"Weary not in well-doing."  His Word reminds and decrees such for such as we in our daily lives, in our constancy!  That which we do DOES matter...though we may never find out how much in this life, but it does matter!

Press on.  You matter!  Don't give up.  Your life is NOT for naught!

Saturday, February 22, 2020


Before the alarm goes off...before my eyes are even open...I hear the dogs up to something!  I didn't want to be up this early, but I know I am not up alone...

Early in the morning,

already is the need.
But I know Who to contact,
and HE will intercede!
Before I do, however,
there is worship to be done,
as the flowers, trees and animals
all bask beneath the sun!

The variety of petals

that blossomed overnight
all come alive with vibrancy
as the trees dance with delight!
and the animals upon the ground,
and those upon the wing,
have started chores already
and, beautifully, sing!

Yes, early in the morning,

the need is very great;
but not so pressing that the 'lowest'
cannot celebrate.
Should WE not do so all the more
before our chores begin?
That song of celebration to Him--
ALL have it within!

Regardless what day it is, regardless what time you matter what the day will contain, there IS time to worship and praise God Most High!  AND HE IS WORTHY!

Let each of us be careful to begin in such a way.  The day will go much smoother!

Thursday, February 20, 2020

The need is great!

From my office, I look out the window across the street.  My neighbor is staring at a problem and scratching his head.  He'll figure it out.  I have work to do...

My neighbor is in trouble.
My neighbor needs a hand.
That means that I must set aside
the task that I had planned!
But reaching out and helping him--
it is of most import,
and, in doing so, He will see God
in many different sort.

Regardless what I had to do,

I know it will be done
because I know the faithfulness
of Jesus Christ The Son!
My neighbor may not have such access
to a mighty God;
and I know what I do for him will
cause him to, Christ, applaud.

Yes, my neighbor right now has a need,

and I can meet the same.
In doing so, I know it will
bring glory to God's name!
In doing 'ordinary'
extraordinary comes about,
as, in the meeting of his need,
the very heavens shout!

"But who is my neighbor..."  Jesus settled such query years ago.  Wherever you are, whatever time of day it is, there is a neighbor nearby with a need.  So endless are the opportunities to serve, and God knows the affect it will have when you step in!


Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Beyond vision

Driving along.  The wind and rain be driving, too!  The pastures, trees and valleys go as far as the eye can see.  Too, cliffs of solid rock line the way where they have cut away to make the highway.
And something else: evergreens are growing out of that 'solid rock!'  How can this be?  How can something take root where there seems to be no 'good ground?'
What about the heart?  God can and does do the same with the heart!  We know, each of us, someone in our lives that we determine has a 'stone-cold' heart.  Has God given up on them?  Does HE see them that way?  No.  Even though THEY may not appear to possess the 'proper' soil that it takes to make something grow, God can cause something beautiful to spring from them and flourish!
Those evergreens that line the rocky hillsides appear to have nothing in which to sink their roots, but look how long they have been there, and look at how beautiful they are!
Let us be very careful not to write someone off or give up on them just because of 'outward appearances' or where they come from.  God doesn't!  We do not know all that they have been through, (or what is contained inside of them,) that may cause them to 'appear' that way.
Give people a chance.  You never know what kind of jewels are concealed by our outlook, assumption or our outright ignorance!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020


This life is not immune from injury.  The next life, for the redeemed, will be!  Until then, we press on through the ups-and-downs, the bumps and bruises, the hills and valleys...

The pain is so intense
it causes me to wince;
as long as I must move,
the same may not improve!
My love, she lies beside.
Her concern can't be denied;
her questions cause pain too,
through her concern so due.
For she saw it all occur
and felt 'helpless' as it were,
as that which caused this pain
leaves my memory once again.
For what does not improve
is discomfort as I move;
BUT GOD, He saw it too--
He WILL heal and make anew!
For what occurred today
will shortly go away,
but God, and my precious wife,
will remain daily in my life.
For they both love me best,
therefore, I WILL pass this test!

Yes, the pain--it is intense.

Sometimes, the same, it makes no sense;
and the present victory,
in THAT moment, it will be!
For His Blood retains its power,
and He comes in proper hour
His victory to bring--
therefore, I have cause to sing!

Yes, I have plenty of cause to sing!  The words and verses are not promised to be painless, but they are promised to continue to flow!  AND HE IS WORTHY OF THOSE VERSES, regardless how one may 'feel!'


Monday, February 17, 2020

Pastor Snider

I was informed of the passing of a dear man who was quite instrumental in shaping my spiritual life.  As painful as it is, I take comfort in knowing that he is suffering no longer, and he is now rejoicing in the very Presence of JESUS!

A life of dedication

and service to His Lord.
During such, so many memories
did he afford!
His wisdom and his teaching
yet benefit us still!
Remember Pastor Snider, oh,
but all my life I will!

So versed in Holy Scripture,

he offered it always!
Regardless of the service, Jesus
always got the praise!
so fitting for this man;
So very fortunate be each
who knew him by God's Plan!

And fortunate be Heaven now,

his spirit to receive!
Pastor Snider may be 'gone'
but he will NEVER leave!
He lives inside the memory,
and He resides in heart!
So gracious God to let him be,
of our lives, just a part!

Yes, fortunate and wealthy be those of us containing memories of this godly man!  Due his steady diligence in listening to God, reading and teaching His Word, our lives be all the richer!

We love you, Pastor Snider!

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Qualities in Him!

Peace,  Confidence.  Stability.  These priceless qualities can become yours when you have a relationship with Jesus...

When Jesus Christ--the Son of God,

calls you His very Own,
qualities so positive,
inside you, can be known!
And that peace that passes understanding
you can share with others,
as rampant be the strife amongst
your sisters and your brothers!
And 'issues' oh so minor can be
constant on the way,
but you can share that indwelt Peace
in all you do and say!
For absent be those qualities
in many in the race;
and that stability He gives
can help them with the pace!

The qualities of 'calm' that come

from Jesus Christ alone;
the totality of benefits--
but how could such be known?!
But necessary and desired
be the very same;
and all availed so freely in
the glory of His Name!

The name of Jesus.  The Person of Jesus.  The relationship with Jesus that is most vital in this life--all freely given as we give Him our heart!  We are so blessed!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Daily Challenge

For some of us, each day seems like a challenge.  For others, it is a breeze.  It's not God 'playing favorites,' it's just daily life and it affects every one of us!

In many situations,

so dire, so bizarre,
the hand of His protection
is guard against the scar!
Oft times, our very calling
takes us to unsecure,
but even THOSE locations,
His chosen, shall endure!
Just look back to Elijah,
way back into God's Word,
was he intimidated
when such as this occurred?
Did he not face the awfullest,
the danger, the bizarre?
Yet God most high, with his Own hand,
did shield him from all scar!
And what of other prophets?
What so became THEIR fate?
Did Jesus not protect, provide,
preserve them 'til that date,
that date that EVERY man will know
that only God decides?
For we shall prosper, suffer and live
as long as He decides!

Life--it has more variables
than any of us know;
BUT GOD, He knows of ALL of it,
so obey His call and GO!

Not one of us have been guaranteed a life free of challenges.  We ARE, however, guaranteed that we will not go through them alone!  Jesus Himself promises that, and it is proven anew each day we face!

Monday, February 10, 2020

Making sense

We say the same things...yet it may have many meanings depending on where we are or who our audience is:

"You suffered for our good, oh Lord;

You even died for all!
The things that you endured would have
the hardiest appalled!
Through every situation, though,
Your victories emerged!
Due Your sufferings and resolve
our very sins be purged!

You suffered for our good, oh lord,
and NOT 'religiously!'
'Religion' will not foster life,
and THAT abundantly!
RELATIONSHIP with You will cause
our body, spirit and soul
to manifest life in this place
and make completely whole!

Your love, Your grace, Your mercy, Lord,
is greatest in this life!
Your Presence only will abound us,
getting us through strife!
And getting us into a future
that contains all good!
Your message--it is Life, oh God,
and, further it, I should!"

We need to share the Good News at a level that those who need it may understand.  We have all sorts of language that we use in the church that may not be understood elsewhere, and if what we are telling the world makes no sense, how will they desire to have what we do and what they need?

Sunday, February 9, 2020


God is so faithful, so dependable, so keeping of His Word.  He is also, however, so 'unexpected.'  That which we may have grown accustomed to or may even take as 'ritual' or 'tradition' may not be when He returns!

I have a list of 'expectations'

beyond the Trumpet sound.
Some may have been taught me or told
and, in is Word, not found.
Jesus came and blew away
some hopes that they held to;
should we not expect the Rapture,
the very same, to do?
Word has said we cannot fathom
that beyond the veil;
and glimpses of His glory does He
constantly avail;
He also says we cannot fathom
that which does await
because it is too wonderful,
it is so very great!

Jesus--He is blest assurance
all along the way.
Too, He is so practical
for every time of day!
But Truth is truth, and what's in store
beyond the life we know
is perfect, wondrous, glorious,
and forever will it go!!

Of course, each of us has expectations of what awaits based on His Word, the songs we sing, and that which He freely reveals to our hearts.  But ALWAYS remember, the 'unexpected' is also there, and He assures us it WILL be more wonderful than we can ever imagine!!

Saturday, February 8, 2020


It's present once again.  Its effects are quite unpleasant.  And not just to the one in pain!  When one hurts, we all hurt.  BUT GOD...He understands and makes provision...

PAIN--it's dread reality

has gripped so many folks!
We do our best to press on while,
the same, be not a joke!
And ONE be there to fully 
understand the very same;
He's right beside us--tending us,
fathoming our claim!
But more--He is THE HEALER and
His Word suffices e'er!
Another great reality:
His perfect, loving care!
Regardless of the pain that is,
regardless of degree,
the power in the Blood, the love--
they have supremacy!

Pain--though it's reality,
it is temporary!
And NOTHING in this life be there
to make this Truth contrary!
And we ARE NOT alone when we
are hurting, sore or aching;
whenever such be happening,
His Christ be overtaking!!

Sickness...disease...injury...all part of this temporary life.  But JESUS is eternal, His Blood is omnipotent, and His Presence never leaves!  Lean into Him all the more and KNOW that we are healed in His Mighty Name!

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Acts 17

God's Holy Word is so full of wonderful truths and promises.  It is so alive that it can be applied to anyone, anytime!  Just listen to these truths from Acts 17 in the NPV (New Poet's Version!)...

"In You, we live and move, oh Lord,
we have our very breath!
You see to our necessities
as we stand on "Thus saith…"
You take us as we are, and from
the same You  make a gem!
We prosper, Lord, as we progress
while clinging to Your hem!

While those about are seeking to
discredit and dismiss,
You prosper all the more, oh God,
and we so gain from this!
Your glorious reality
shows in so many ways!
As we take care, Lord, in this life,
You garner all the praise!

Regardless of the situation
'life' each day may hold,
in You may we go forward yet,
so resolute, so bold!
For with You there is no 'unknown,'
each step have You ordained!
We move and breathe and have our being,
being 'Spirit-trained!'

We prosper and progress.
You lavish and You bless!
In boldness we so live,
and, through us, Lord, you give!"

God is so generous in seeing that we are taken care of!  Are you ALLOWING Him full access to ALL areas of your life so He can do the same for you?

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


There is a mist across the landscape this morning.  It is quite heavy.  Often dangerous.  However, there are also places to go, people to see and things to get done.

Morning breaks through water haze;

vapor hides the ground.
Sunlight sets the same aglow
and silence be the sound!
The valley filled up overnight
with vapor that can fly,
and as the same attempts to break
it's God I glorify!

Every morning come to pass

is beautiful and new.
Conversing with Him is utmost
regardless of the dew!
Brand new are is mercies,
His blessings and his grace;
and his gift of 'time' to make
a difference in this place.

And new right now, His Presence as
we start another day.
The plans He has, the plans I have,
He makes go the same way.
Looking forward to what He has,
mine all do I avail
KNOWING glory will get to Him
even through the veil!

It's foggy out there.  Be careful!  Be even more careful and mindful to heed His lead as He directs you today.  Yes,  you have plans and things that must be done, but I promise you there are divine appointments in various places as you carry out those plans!


Monday, February 3, 2020


Heading north.  A list of chores in my head to take care of for the company.  It is a long drive, but it is very beautiful, and I am not alone...

The cliffs are playing with the fog

along the rocky coast..
the waves yet sing a worship song
that has the bard engrossed...
as, ingested, is the essence
of the ocean air,
there is an endless bounty that,
the servant, he would share!
I do so with the very One
Who makes those cliffs below!
God Most High rides with me as,
along the coast, I go!
The conversation that we have
is healing, deep and light;
we talk of massive issues, and
we laugh with great delight!
It's just like having the best of friends
come visit for awhile!
But God--He NEVER leaves my side
in anger...pain...or smile!

And He never leaves as I take in
the workings of His hand.
Anywhere I look for Him
I find Him in the land!
And we enjoy each other in
whatever must be done.
The perfect Partner in this life--
God, He is The One!

Whoever you are, wherever you may find yourself, God Most High is right there with you, waiting to hear from you, waiting to meet your need, and desiring to go through whatever you are going WITH YOU!  Don't go without!

Sunday, February 2, 2020


How fortunate be them that can make such claim.  Is that how YOU feel when you go to work each day?  Who is your employer?

 I have a job because of grace--
because of grace alone!
There are complainers all about,
but praises shall be known!
regardless, praise is known
because I am employed BY GOD,
and He calls me His Own!

So often in the day I hear

"How can you have a song?!"
It is because He is my Source
and, to Him, I belong!
It does not matter where you work
or even what you do,
WITH GOD inside your very soul
each day, it is anew!

There are too many laborers 
who do not know The Source!
Part of my 'job,' therefore, is to
display that Awesome Force!
Jesus Christ inside my word
and on my very face
may cause someone to notice and
seek out His saving grace!

Each of us has a job.  Something at which we labor to make a living.  If we go there each day dreading it, it will definitely show in what we do.  God tells us to work as if HE is our employer.  After all, He provided it!  In doing so, we will certainly reap His benefits!

Saturday, February 1, 2020

His Own!

The daily grind can become a chore...a absolute challenge!  Father God, however, can enter into your life and change all that!  Have you let Him in yet?

When energy is absent me

due what had to be done,
God understands this man complete,
addressing me as "son."
He knows the way I feel and does
all things that He must do,
and when He's finished, I am strong
and made completely new!

He is aware of all that happened

all throughout the day;
and in every situation He
provided me a way!
Even at that stressful point
when there was no way out,
He came to me with victory
and I was not without!

His strength--there is no limit there;

it CANNOT know an end!
And, fortunately, He chose me
to be a faithful friend!
Therefore, I see an energy
like not another known!
So fortunate to be of those 
He refers to as "His own!"

Are YOU one of His own?  He yet has unlimited spots available!  And He avails said strength to ALL who call upon Him!

Jesus Christ is THE Strength that you must have to make it through each day!  He never fails!

Friday, January 31, 2020

The Lover of my soul

Love.  It is a 'thing' that all desire, yet it be a thing that means something different to just about anyone you ask!  The is a love, however, that did, can and will last longer than anything we know!  Do YOU know that kind of Love?

The Lover of my soul, He is
Possessor of the same!
Not any other 'force' be there
to make so bold a claim!
He paid the greatest cost for it,
went through what w could not,
arising with such victory
I finally could be bought!

O there be so many others yet

that seek to so outbid,
but NONE be there, (nor e'er will be!)
to accomplish what He did!
Trading His Own life for mine
so far before the sale;
thenceforth and through eternity
His treasures to avail!

The Lover of my soul--for He 

accompanies each day
straightening my path upon
a very twisted way;
forgiving all my sin,
that I would know His Paradise 
and spend forever in!

The Lover of my soul--

He makes my living whole
in this life and the next;
won't YOU, His love, accept?

The Lover of my soul.  He loves you, too!  EVEN YOU!!  Don't ever take that love for granted, for it is protection from any and all challenges in this life!  And you can have it for all eternity!!


Thursday, January 30, 2020

Life so foreign?

As I read the headlines, watch the news or get letters from other folks around the world, some of it sounds so foreign to those of us who savor freedom...

How can I even fathom life 

in places that exist
where liberty and freedoms I know
are completely missed?
How can 'they' know what they're missing
if it's never been,
if they've only known oppression
brought by ruthless men?
BUT GOD, the One great equalizer
sees and knows all things;
and in this life or in the next
He, restitution, brings!
That which we have suffered, 
persevered through or endured,
He vows that, compensation for
the same, it is secured!

Do not give up!  Do not just quit!

Press on as best you can;
depend, rely and trust in God
before your brother man.
You're doing so for GOD'S own glory;
HE will recompense!
And greater far be His reward
for what may make no sense!

Trust me, there are things going on in places in this world that make no sense at all.  Righteous people around this globe are suffering for doing good at the hands of folks who could care less.  BUT NOT FOR LONG!  Jesus Christ is coming again and HE will make all things right!  Hang in there!


Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Blessings in disguise

I screwed up.  No use trying to hide it.  I'll outright say it.  However, I must not beat myself up over it.  There still remain "Opportunities" in life.
Years ago, Pastor Venable taught us that most of the 'problems' we face in life are really 'opportunities' in disguise.  The longer I live, the more truth I find in the words God gave him.

The pain of day has come to be,
it hurts and has gone wrong.
I look beyond, therefore, and wonder
'What will be the song?'
That which is I release to God
and do the best I can,
all the while, receiving 'those looks'
from my fellow man.
But that which is this day is known
to not another man!
I give all facets unto God
because I know HE CAN!

That which is gone wrong with the day--
it is but temporary;
and energy is wasted when
we would become contrary!
It's done.  It's known.  Go on from here
and do your very best.
I KNOW, regardless what has happened,
somebody will be blessed!

It's not the end.  It may not be tragic.  Whatever it is can be used by God to bless, to teach or bring glory to Himself.   I see it too often to know otherwise!

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


The more advanced we get...the  busier...(the older we get!) seems the angrier we get.  (Just watch people in a drive-thru!)  However, it be just as true that the older we get, one moment closer we get to a Place where

Everybody will be happy,

all will have a song;
and it will NOT be temporary,
fleeting or 'not long!
Heaven--it is only waiting 
for God's great command
when all who have His blood within
will vacate this great land!
Gabriel is waiting with
his trumpet firm in hand!
Already is a Place prepared
where eternity be spanned!
Already God stands smiling with
His arms spread open wide:
"Here is My perfect Paradise!
Come ye, step inside!"
Then the advances...busyness...
or anger some may feel
will fade into oblivion, as
Perfection shall be real!
O lose not hope as days go on,
and, surely, DO NOT QUIT!
For we're one day closer to That Place
where everything will fit!

Hang in there.  Press on!  That which we may be temporarily enduring compares not at all to the glories of His Presence and that Place He as prepared!  WE'RE ALMOST THERE!


Monday, January 27, 2020

It's NOT my life!

Once again, a million things happening around and I be trying to keep up.  In the midst of it all, someone comes up to me...

How can I judge my brother when

he's asking me for food...
when someone says "I need to talk,"
how could I be so rude?!
If I be truthful in my world
and in the times that be,
I may be the only "Jesus"
they may ever see!
Sometimes that costs money...

sometimes, time it takes...
whatever be the cost, I know
the difference it makes!
I've learned, though, not to count the cost
but follow Spirit's lead;
letting Him be Guard and Guide
will satisfy the need!

How can I judge my brother?

It's not difficult to do.
Often, just the way I look at him
will cause the trial be through.
I must look and speak like Jesus Christ
to have good affect!
We must know that ANYTHING we do
will have lasting effect!

Like it or not, all that we do or say is seen or heard by somebody somewhere.  The smallest thing I may do today may affect someone's life...for better or worse.  Let Jesus live freely through you that HE may be glorified and desired.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Live best!

Jesus never fails.  God always provides.  His power, love and authority NEVER fluctuate!

"You know what is to be before it happens.

You offer all that we need to prepare.
There never is occasion of 'disaster'
when Your Presence is not already there!
And not will come a thing You're not aware of,
though people, they may panic in surprise;
You know the situation absolutely
as You've already seen it with your eyes.

Though we have 'news' that's broadcast without end,

You knew of it and You know what will come;
thus absolute faith in You at all hours--
it SHOULD be the most sensible of sum!
Yet here we sit, glued to our favorite channel
watching...waiting...worrying what's next!
Your very Word declares each day is ordered,
so why be we surprised and so perplexed?!
All that we will see today has happened
if we look upon it through YOUR time!
Therefore, we should comfort one another,
and encourage each other through this paradigm.
We pray for others as we cry "COME QUICKLY!"
as You have commanded us to do.
We do what we are capable of and called to
KNOWING that all else is up to YOU!"

God was.  God is.  God is to come!  Life is a constancy that we simply cannot grasp.  We must simply live the moment, savor what we can and do our best.  I find that this is quite difficult for some.


Friday, January 24, 2020

I know!

"I understand."
How comforting it is to hear those words and sense that they are coming from the heart.  Each and every one of us has need of such in this life.  Too often, however, one can only sense that when they are with Jesus.

I used to be just like you;
in some ways still am I.
But something happened deep in me
now I'm a different guy?
I am no better than you are, 
I go through all the same,
BUT GOD, He's caused me to excel--
all glory to His name!

I used to be just like you.

Am I any better?
To look at it THAT way, the same,
it would become a fetter!
He wants you just the way you are
and He'll do all the rest;
retaining His humility
that others may be blessed!

Yes, I used to be just like you,

and I have something you need!
May we break bread together and
let Jesus intercede!
I understand.  I empathize.
I know how you are treated.
Come--there is One place to go
where such won't be repeated.

As 'Christians,' we are to be like Jesus: understanding and not judging.  Once one learns that we will listen and we care, they may just desire The One Who dwells in our heart!

So we are called...

Thursday, January 23, 2020

That Vital Intimacy

Relationships.  All of us have them.  Are some more valuable than others?  Should they be?  There is ONE relationship, however, that IS more valuable than any other, and it is vital in the days that are...
Intimacy once more--
fellowship with God.
When I speak of our relationship
some find it very odd.
But those who have a healthy, vibrant
life with Jesus Christ
hear me talk about the Lord
and give it no thought twice!
Some, however, find quite foreign
such relationship;
the same be first to second-guess,
the same to often quip.
BUT GOD, He knows the heart of me
and how I need Him so;
encouraging this man to help others,
that same God, to know!

Would 'intimate' describe the way

that YOU relate to God?
Or does that term, in reference to him,
strike even you as odd?
BUT GOD, He wants to know you that way,
whomever you may be!
And He avails Himself in whole
to ALL who dare to see!

So wonderful.  So beautiful.  So very far from 'ordinary' and 'ritual' be God Most High's affection and desire for you. EVEN YOU!  Trust Him and see what a difference Jesus WILL make in your life!


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

But there is JOY!!

Regardless of the trials and tribulations of this life, there is a constant available to all that will enable any to withstand whatever.  His Name is Jesus.  And HE IS JOY!
There is joy without limit
availed to us each day.
It overshadows every
obstacle along the way!
It even causes music where
it has not been before!
and that Joy--it always has been
and shall be evermore!

That Joy--His Name is Jesus and

He's more than anything!
Regardless situation, Joy
unspeakable He brings!
He is not unaware of oh
the days and times that are,
but His joyous Presence in them all
will get you very far!
Even in the empty place
when you feel all alone,
Jesus Christ is present there
and His joy can be known!

Yes, there be Joy so independent

from this life each day;
yet given, in abundance, to us
all along the way!
Jesus is The Joy that does not
ever dissipate!
He will escort through all of 'time'
as He's immune from 'date!

Life happens.  BUT THERE IS JOY!  Inadequacies are.  BUT THERE IS JOY!  Things go on EVERY DAY that are not fair.  BUT THERE IS JOY!  Get to know that Joy for YOUR each and every moment.  HIS NAME IS JESUS, and He will NEVER let you down!


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Contents Within

Today was very busy with business.  Today required quite a bit to be each of us!  As we did those things, was anyone affected...

What manner of content has one within?

The same be told that which flows without.
The issues that are thought of, spoken or done,
they are the gauge of what's in anyone.
For even when there is no else around
THERE the measure of a heart be found!

'Integrity' become an endangered species?

'My words and actions affect only this one!'
Such attitudes abounding in the present
just cannot fathom the damage that is done!
Each of us be responsible for our actions,
(and the repercussions of the same!)
Make sure that Jesus has rein of our passions,
lest it be HIS reputation we defame!

Daily, indeed, constantly we have a duty
to live out love in unfamiliar places.
In doing so we bless so many others...
in doing so we demonstrate His graces!
In doing so, the content THEY have within
might even be transformed and Life be found!
Daily, therefore, constantly live boldly
KNOWING you're secure on holy ground!

Today was so very busy.  I did business with almost 1,000 people. Sure, money exchanged hands, but is that all that they recall of me today?  If so, today was not successful at all.