Thursday, December 5, 2019


Time goes by.  Day begins to wane.  And, as evening approaches, God sends another reminder to those who pay attention...

Treetops are illuminated,

afternoon is fading;
a cold and clear December evening
just ahead awaiting;
but mesmerizing is the way
He paints the colors yet
for to draw the pen and pad,
a perfect verse, to get!

The orange, pink and silhouettes

that fill the vision wide--
with His mighty Presence are
they made to coincide
as He sets up a rendezvous
to ask about my day;
what a privilege to know
Creator God this way!

And changing are the shades that are

as He meets with me here.
The times that we spend with each other,
oh, they are so dear!
He leaves me not, (though sunlight may,)
at any time at all!
Know His Presence.  Know his beauty.
Know His very call!

Creator God creating...once again...CONSTANTLY!  There is so much of His handiwork to be seen that, oftentimes, it goes completely unnoticed!  Let such not be in your life!  Be intentional in your awareness of Him as you go about your day.


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