Saturday, December 7, 2019

The Vantage Point

On the road again.  How many miles ahead?  No matter.  However, I round a bend, top a hill and

From a distance, yonder range--
it takes my breath away!
To see the mountains from this point
so steels me in my day!
Dusted freely with the powder
fallen overnight,
framed by blue eternity
and showcased by sunlight!

The day's agenda--it can wait

while vision takes it in!
To ignore such panorama
be a wretched sin!
The very workings of God's hands--
impossible to miss.
Always glory...always living...
only God makes this!

A mountain range somewhere.

How many people care?
Such matters not at all,
for God, He gives His all!
Find this place for your own
where His touch is clearly known!
You don't have to go too far
to see where His creations are!

The hand of God.  On display once again in extraordinary fashion!  See it for yourselves all around you as you go about your day today!


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