Monday, December 23, 2019


Jesus Christ is come!  The king is alive!  Centuries of prophecy fulfilled, words upon ancient pages proven, AND LIBERTY IS SECURED!

The King--He is alive!  He reigns,
He governs from on high!
The wise men have returned from whence
they brought the treasures nigh.
Angels--they are singing yet
a song that shall not end!
The king is on His throne for aye,
His people to defend!

We celebrate Him constantly!

We honor Him always!
But for a time, each time of year,
we fete Him with more praise!
And though festivities may wane,
His reign will NEVER cease!
Eternal is His royalty,
authority and peace!

We take to heart the miracles
surrounding His great birth;
we're mindful of the life He lived,
establishing our worth;
we do our best to live for Him
and He says "It is enough."
The season now upon us--it is

greater than mere "stuff!"
Celebrate with all your heart, while keeping Truth in perspective.  Paramount of all that we have going on, HE IS WORTHY OF ALL WE ARE!


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