Saturday, December 14, 2019

The Journey

IF one were dedicated enough, the Jew would make the annual pilgrimage to Jerusalem.  This year, however, would change all of history!
The journey--it is annual,
and many travelers are.
This time, there is royalty,
and they're following a star!
Though arduous the trek, the faithful
will not be deterred;
who knew that this time would arrive
the very Living Word?!

Arriving not in time for 

adequate accommodations,
a humble manger had to hold 
THE blessed celebration!
Hardly the environs for
the Greatest of all kings,
yet even Heaven celebrated:
the song of angels rings!

A Baby in a stable in

the middle of nowhere;
but history knew where it would be--
for God Himself was there!!
And WE--the beneficiaries,
due His master plan:
salvation come for anyone--
Son of God and Son of man!

Gratitude flows from this pen to God for this blessed event!  Where would I be if it were not for Jesus?  Where would ANY of us be?!  I hasten not to think of such, but sing songs of praise unto Him CONSTANTLY for His Gift of Jesus!


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