Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The 'Everyday' God!

The last day of the year.  A year of ups and downs...trials and triumphs...coming and going...nothing "spectacular."  God, however, is very present in 'daily grind,' and He makes each day worth living!

"To find You in 'simplicity--'
like diamonds in the rough!
To see you, Lord, in family,
and other daily 'stuff;
in times and places when I do not
'look' for You to be--
so are the joys of being Yours,
'belonging' to royalty!

The simple and spectacular

You are each day we know!
Regardless of occasion, Lord,
Your presence makes it so!
And memories are made each day
that we're alive in You,
regardless who we're with, oh Lord,
regardless what we do!"

Too many I speak to or speak with have the idea that they must do or behold something beyond spectacular to behold God, when, in reality, He is right beside you every step of the way.  Welcome Him there, and let Him experience it all with you!

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