Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Correct Pace

14 more days.  So much to little can get maddening.  But it does not have to, and Jesus certainly did not mean for it to!

The pace of life that's happening--
yet God keeps up with me!
He knows the glory of the 'season'
and the traps that be.
Already does He know the list
I have for several weeks;
but a fraction of that time,
WITH HIM, He dearly seeks!

The pace of life that's happening--

can I keep up with God?!
HIS schedule and HIS ways, this world
would find completely odd!
Yet He invites me, He invites US
to join Him for it all!
He has it planned so perfectly;
just answer to his call!

The world would have you 'hurry up,'

but refuge He provides.
Keep up with God instead of 'life'--
there, victory abides!
Stay focused upon pleasing Him
instead of everyone,
and, as only He can do,
He'll see that things get done!

So wonderful and enjoyable are the holidays.  So glorious and hallowed is Christmas!  So beautiful and majestic is the scenery!  Don't let the hustle, hurry and stress of 'the season' rob you of the wonder of it all!  Turn it over to Him.  Do things at the pace HE sets for you, and everything will be taken care of and memorable.


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