Friday, December 6, 2019

That which matters

Ahh...the holidays.  CHRISTMAS!  Of a truth it is fast approaching, and joyful are the times to be had...IN HIM--for it is Christmas!
I want to focus on that.

I do not want to argue with you

over doctrines set;
that usually separates us and,
a headache, we will get!
I don't even want to talk right now
about 'denomination,'
I just want to know how you are
in gentle conversation.

Can we leave 'theology' and

semantics at the door
and get to know each other first,
and what we're needy for?
I'm sure that you've had plenty argue
with you about 'belief,'
but what we're going through RIGHT NOW,
unto me, that is chief!
For God already knows the hearts
and, if they're in need of change,
a meeting for such, in the future,
I know He will arrange!
But, for the moment, you need me,
and I have need of you;
and, if we get together, there
is so much we can do!

No argument, no confrontation--

only 'fellowship.'
If we could start THAT way, the foe
would surely lose his grip!

Too many people...too many families...too many groups are alienating themselves from each other over things that matter not in the scope of eternity.  May we not let that happen as we get to know each other better this season.


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