Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Take a breath!

It is December, and we can get so caught up in what must be done for whom and when that we do damage to our very selves.
That is NOT God's plan at all!

So busy are the days that are...
so many things to do...
so many places one must go
to just accomplish "through!"
Aah, but there's a better way
to spend the days that are;
and HE gives the ability
so a 'success' you are!

The world tells you 'Go faster!
Get as much as you can get!'
But GOD says to the heart 'I've got this!
You've no need to fret!'
So do it HIS way--He's the very
Maker of the day,
and He'll see to it that the time
will surely go your way!

He did not mean for holidays
to be a tournament!
He meant them to be set aside
and, with pleasure, spent.
So stay out of the race and breathe
and know His perfect peace.
All things will work for good for those
accepting His release!

Do as much as you can when you can and TRUST that God is in control of all the rest.  That is the only way to get through 'the holidays!'

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