Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Red, white, green and BLUE!

While most of us celebrate, others are on duty somewhere so that we can do so with peace of mind.  May we hold each of them up in prayer as they do a thankless job day in and day out!

"'Silent night...Holy night..'

For the moment, all is right.
Law enforcement all, take rest,
your labors--may they each be blessed!
And, if only for the shortest time,
no emergency, no crime;
but take a breather, one and all,
from your needed dangerous call.
And know we appreciate you there,
and we are girding you with prayer.
For fast and furious be the pace.
This time of year has become a race!
But now, late evening before his birth,
may you relax and savor 'Peace on Earth!'
Too soon, the speed it will return
and you'll need this break from what you earn!

So many, many are the prayers,

and coming from all everywheres
for your safety, your strength and resolve
to stop the villain, the crime to solve.
So rest in knowing more are aware
of you and hold you up in prayer!
For soon, a Place where you're needed not;
but, for now, we're grateful that YOU we've got!"

Whomever you are, wherever you are, take a moment this evening to say a prayer for and thank God for all of those out on patrol so that we can enjoy our friends, family and celebrations of Jesus' birth!


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