Friday, December 20, 2019

Peace in spite of all!

Peace on earth.  Peace that surpasses the media.  Peace that surpasses the rush to get everything just right.  Peace that surpasses controversy.  Peace that surpasses poverty.  We need that Peace right now, and I know where it is!

"All I must do is call Your Name

and perfect peace prevails!
You made sure that I made it here;
Your mercy never fails!
I waited on so many people,
and now, You wait on me!?
You clarify the day in whole,
and, clearly, I can see!
The issues that now face the world...
the duties now complete...
the list that is awaiting prayer...
but, first, time at Your feet!
For here is healing, clarity
and synchronicity;
it's time to celebrate YOU, yet
You are concerned for ME!
O God, You are so good to us
even when life, it ain't!
You stabilize, lest this world,
perspective, would so taint!
Even though Your birthday is,
so great is Your concern;
and though I come to edify,
my heart would You discern!
So perfect peace would You avail
unto a weary heart.
Arms of perfect, healing love
around me You impart!
And in The Season that is You
it is I receiving gifts,
as Your gracious, healing love,
yet once again, so lifts!"

A lot is happening right now around the world.  A lot is happening right now in this country.  A lot is happening right now to loved ones...but GOD assures me that He is aware, He's in control and, somehow, He will be glorified through it all.


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