Sunday, December 29, 2019

Overcoming odds!

Pondering the things that Jesus overcame just so that we could know Him.  Poring over His Word and realizing the depths of His love for only afford us the opportunity to live!  WHO ARE WE?!

That so wonderful, beautiful,
miraculous and gay--
the same be troubling to some
who fear the Only Way!
The King--even before His birth,
intimidating some;
oh, but them that truly know The Truth,
blest victory the sum!
Each step taken to prevent,
one stepped ahead He stayed;
Almighty God to come as man
that Scripture be obeyed;
everlasting joy, blest healing,
peace that passes all--
such truths, so troubling that some
sought to prevent it all!
But wonder, blessed wonder, yes,
and everlasting life:
Jesus--He remains!  His grace,
His power and His love
are yet far greater than the strife
that this world is full of!

Regardless of the world's conditions
He's above it all!
And he avails Himself so freely
if you only call!
Let NOTHING of this life prevent you
from relationship;
the hold of Jesus and His love--
there be no greater grip!

Yes, I know that there are some wretched and terrible things happening around the world, EVERYWHERE!  BUT GOD is well aware of it.  Recompense will be.  There are also great and wonderful things happening.  Unfortunately, due our HUMAN appetite, those beautiful things do not always receive as much coverage.  But GOOD remains.  GOOD happens.  Enjoy it whenever you can, and know The Source!

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