Thursday, December 12, 2019

Make the most of it!

Observing.  Years ago, Pastor Venable did a sermon on such.  It was something that I had already grown accustomed to, being in customer service, but he gave us some extremely valuable pointers to help us see things that usually go unnoticed.  That said, I watched a large family at my restaurant the other day.  I took mental notes as grandma spoke...

"I'm so grateful for your visit!
I enjoy the holidays.
You mean so very much to me
in oh so many ways!
Come join us in the living room;
set down that busy phone;
the texts can wait, facebook will be, 
this time is for us alone!

I'm so grateful for your visit!

I'm so glad Christmas is near!
That means I have my friend AND family
finally one place near!
You're much better than the telephone,
Skype or even text!
Your value in my life is greater
than you can expect!
It's Christmas!  You are with me here--
that is the greatest gift
I know you're busy.  You each have lives;
you're presence is such a lift!
Put down your phones.  Close your computer.
Let's visit for awhile.
The world can wait.  Let's celebrate
our lord and laugh and smile!

I'm grateful you're here--let no distraction;

time is not on our side!
I don't have much.  I want to spend it
while Christ be glorified!
And spend that time enjoying you
as long as I still can!
I'm grateful for your visit--make it
wonderful we can!!"

So many things going on in so many lives.  May we set them all aside while we make time to celebrate Jesus and enjoy each other.  There is only ONE Who knows how often we will be able to do this, and He will not divulge such unto us.  We must make the most of the time we have!


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