Saturday, December 7, 2019

Led by The Spirit

Where am I?!  How did I get to this place?  What am I here for?  There are so many other places and things that I can imagine doing...ahh, but THAT'S it!  I am here for HIS purpose, and He knows exactly where I am and I'm about to find out what to do...

In a foreign place...
drawn here by His grace;
for where The Spirit leads
but surely this man heeds!
I've not been this way before;
I don't know what it is for,
but I know a certain plan
the Lord has for this man!

In a bar...a open field--

to His leading I will yield
because I have come to know
that HIS purpose, He will show!
And I WILL discern the way
that He has for me each day,
I must but only yield
and His cause will be revealed.

Be it known or unknown,

the way--it will be shown;
and whatever be the cause
it will bring the Lord applause
which He is worthy of,
as He is the King of Love!
Yea, there be no 'foreign place'
when you live each day by grace!

"Spirit-led."  It is not a 'thing.'  It is a way of life.  A way of life for those who are willing to follow Him where He leads and do that which He commands.

Are YOU one of those people?

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