Saturday, December 21, 2019


Join the festivities...JESUS CHRIST IS BORN!!  It is something greater than history that was...history that is now...or history that will be: Jesus Christ IS History!!

His Story--it is OUR story,

and worth the celebration!
God has made it possible,
with Him, to have relation!
No longer is a veil to separate
us from His Being--
but, evermore, it's His holy love
we're capable of SEEING!

His story--it is more than story--

it is relationship!
Our sins may be forgiven, yes,
with grace does He equip!
And Healing is provided through
His very precious Blood!
Set every hindrance aside
and step into The Flood!

O Christmas is just the beginning

of a life so real!
A life of great abundance ALL
may see and know and feel!
Join the celebration, ye,
let not a thing restrain!
For Christ has come for EVEN YOU
and He'll break your every chain!

Celebrate!  Even if you have no gift to give...HE'S ALREADY GIVEN IT ALL!  Come to the celebration!  It is open to one and all, and it will last for all eternity!


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