Sunday, December 8, 2019

Helping Celebrate

So busy be life about...especially this time of year.  How many of us, however, just 'assume' that everyone else out there scurrying around has the same joy and expectancy inside that we do...

We celebrate--in spite of life,
life that may lack favor.
So countless, the events and times,
we have each day to savor;
For in the days deemed 'holidays'
there be much to enjoy,
but many they not as fortunate,
thus 'faith' must they employ.
Not everything is bows and wrappings
for everyone around.
And, much closer to you, 
vast adversity is found!
But YOU have opportunity,
such trials, to offset
by being open to The Spirit--
be ready and be set!
For God has use of you amidst
the 'joy' that SHOULD exist!
Look, listen and be available
lest, a blessing, you have missed!

Christmas--and we celebrate

because of Jesus Christ!
Almighty God above, around,
His Best has sacrificed.
Though many have no reason for
to join that celebration;
YOU can give them cause to join
in His great exaltation!

Yes, those who are dreading the days that are are not only closer than you think, they are also quite a few more than you think!  Make sure those around YOU know the joy that you do and have reason to join in!

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