Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Gratitude Song!

"'Tis the season?"  Unfortunately, it is for too many.  But those with Jesus in the heart celebrate Him constantly!  AND HE IS WORTHY OF SUCH!!

Sing to the Lord with gratitude!
Sing to the Lord with praise!
Sing to The One Whose ways are so
much greater than our ways!
Yea, sing to the Lord--for He compares
no person to another:
His loves is equal unto each
and sees us all as "brother!"
He is above the 'by-laws' and
the systems set by man!
His love--it is far greater than
any of history's plans!
Realize the 'box' He's in
and He'll break out of such!
No matter what the 'rules' may be,
far superior is His touch!

Yes, sing with all your hear that song

He's given you with joy!
It's necessary to come out
that others may enjoy
and even may desire to have
the same, the same so deep!
That sacred song of gratitude
but ever-constantly keep!

An attitude of gratitude?  No!  It is a lifestyle to be lived not just during 'holidays,' but EVERY day!  Of a truth we are grateful to be celebrating Jesus this time of year, but He is worthy of such every other day of the year as well!


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