Tuesday, December 3, 2019

God's Sight

I have heard that, due to the sin that we are prone to do, God cannot look upon us...unless it is through the eyes of Jesus.  This man is far from 'sinless,' but God still walks with me and looks into my eyes when I speak with Him!

"You look upon my sin with hate,

disgust and great disdain!
You are so pure and holy, and there
is nothing You could gain!
However, your great love for us
prevents You from withdrawal;
and, all that we could ever need,
You have the wherewithal!
Though sinful we, You spare no means
to demonstrate Your love
for such as we from Your lofty
throne in heights above!
And NOT just in the heavens, You
surround our very days
with glory and with majesty,
and with Your perfect ways!

You look upon us with Your arms

extended to us all.
You know the way we are, yet You
do not withhold Your Call!
The Perfect Lord--desiring
those plagued with imperfection!
The love of God...the Lord alone--
so vast yet the connection!

Your perfect love is constantly offered to us all.  No matter how good...no matter how bad...no matter how busy...no matter how ignorant...You constantly love us perfectly and offer us the same.

Can we EVER fully understand this?"

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