Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Fete Him Anyway!

I speak with folks all around the globe through this ministry, and it always fascinates me how some of us are freezing as we celebrate Jesus, while others do so on the beach...

Climates differ 'round the world

as celebrations are.
In the east, there is fascination
over a Bright Star!
Locally, the temperatures
may hinder some to start,
but not a thing at all prevents
festivities in the heart!

Some give...some get...some do their best

to make the most of season.
WE celebrate Christ every day
because He gives life reason!
But at THIS time of year we purpose
to give all the more,
not for 'contest,' but for love--
to lift, to bless, to restore!

Yea, climates differ at this time,
but, locally, IT'S COLD!
such will not hinder, though,
as jubilation, it is bold!
We do so because He's worthy, and
HE has brought The Greatest Gift:
because of Christ, the weight of death,
off of us is to lift!!

Traditions, customs, cultures--
Jesus overshadows all
freely giving EVERYONE
the choice to heed His Call!

However it is YOU honor Jesus at this time of year, do it with all your heart...AND ALL YEAR LONG!  For He alone is worthy of such!

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