Saturday, December 28, 2019

Far beyond seasonal!

After celebrations.  After gatherings.  After shopping sprees.  After life returns to 'normal,' the same needs and necessities remain, and our calling continues on...

Joy to the world we have to be--

there is a lack of such!
For He has filled us with His joy,
and THAT so very much!
Yet life would tend to interfere
and rob us of the same,
but those with Christ secure within,
His joy may freely claim!
And not just for ourselves, but to
distribute everywhere!
Too many be the obstacles
that others face out there!
that rob them of them of the joy that so
abounds with life and mirth!
Know your value; claim His joy
and TRULY know your worth!
If God determined YOU were worth
Him sending His Own Son,
then NOTHING of this life may cause
That Joy become undone!

Regardless what is going on,

The lord--He is aware;
and overcoming it--the lord,
for He is ALWAYS there!
See to it then you live that joy
as you go day-to-day
knowing that Your steps are ordered
all along the way!

Yes, joy be emphasized this time of year, but His Joy is/should be a DAILY staple in everyone's life!  Know Jesus--for He is the source of that joy.  He is not seasonal...HE IS ETERNAL!


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