Sunday, December 15, 2019

Enjoy the Joy!

Busy...busy...busy...  So it is this time of year.  BUT GOD can help you keep up with it...IF you follow HIS pace!
Amidst the traffic...amidst the trap...
amidst the constant noise,
there is a Truth to overshadow:
the never-ending joys!
Christmas finds us busy all,
but CHRIST is everyday!
Let not the stress take hold of you
but glory in The Way!
He is The Way of celebration
more than surface-deep.
He is the ONLY Way for to,
our wits about us, keep!
And He is worth the celebration,
worthy of the time!
Even if we're at a point
when we can't spare a dime!
Jesus Christ is Christmas!  
He is more than we can know!
Join the heavens and celebrate,
His precious grace to know!
The Gift that doesn't break, wear out,
or go out of season:
that is Jesus Christ the Lord--
He is the ONLY reason!

Don't let the trappings of the time rob you of the joys that are eternal.  They are found in a relationship with Jesus!  Know Him.  Love Him.  CELEBRATE HIM!


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