Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas is more!

Busy with business...involved in life...(sometimes, TOO involved!)...and trying to make things perfect before everyone arrives.  Really?!

The hustle and the hurry now aside...

Take time to truly savor Christmastide!
The gifts--they are so treasured, one and all!
But Jesus is the greatest gift of all!

While we spent weeks and months before,

it was already done!
God completed EVERY Christmas
by sending us His Son!
We do our best to outdo such
but each year at this time--
to do so has no reason to it,
nor does it have rhyme!

No more hustle.  No more hurry.

Rest for goodness sake!
Enjoy each other while we can--
too soon, this life will take!
And too many spend 'the holidays'
regretting what was not,
instead of enjoying all that IS
now in the time we've got!
Enjoy the ones that you have with you;
soon, they will be gone...
enjoy the sun upon the rise--
the simplicity of dawn...
enjoy the same as it would set,
(for sunset now know many!)
and, surely, make peace with your foes,
(if you know of any!)

But, for the moment, stop...look out...
see winter and enjoy;
let not the certainties of life,
YOUR Christmas time, annoy!

Whomever you have there with you to spend Christmas with, do so with a grateful, fortunate heart!  No regrets.  Too many we know and love are not able to anymore.
God bless you, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LORD JESUS!!

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