Monday, December 16, 2019

Christmas Because

Jesus Christ is born!
Therefore, we celebrate, and call it CHRISTMAS!  For in His infinite wisdom, God had many reasons for this...

You created Christmas to

remind us of our worth.
Jesus Christ, Your perfect Son--
so special be His birth!
So many details had to be
and You met every one
that any willing could declare
"not mine but Thine be done!"

Yes, You created Christmas, Lord,
therefore, we celebrate!
For You lone are worthy, lord,
so good and o so great!
We focus on the Life you are,
and be distracted not,
regardless of the 'merchandise,
that this old world has got!

And we give--because You've given and
continue for to give.
Because of Christmas, Lord, can we
abundantly so live!
And not 'abundance' as the world
has come to know and love,
but that which money cannot buy,
and then Heaven up above!

You created Christmas--
You ARE the very same!
We lift our hearts unto You, Lord,
and praise Your Holy Name!"

God created Christmas so that we could know and love Him--JESUS CHRIST!  Make sure such is our focus in the days that are lest we get caught up in the trappings that abound!

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