Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Beauty and the Beast!

Yes, some may look at winter that way, and with good reason!  But may we focus on the beauty of it for just a few moments...

Fragile flakes, so frozen,

so beautiful to see;
out of the heavenlies somewhere
falling gracefully!
Though chilling be the observation,
it is worth it all!
The majesty of His creation
at HIS rate to fall!

The blanket of pure ivory...

the frigid of the feel...
for the moment, to the writer,
would it so appeal!
The temporary spectacle
enjoyed and not ignored;
for soon enough, the very same, 
by some will be abhorred!

But, for now, the magical,

majesty and mystique
is purely on display in ways
remaining quite unique!
So pure, pristine and beautiful
is nature and His creation;
therefore, the pen would try to catch
the precious fascination!

Winter hurts.  Winter is painful.  Winter is inconvenient.  Oh, but winter is so glorious and beautiful!!  The original, "beauty and the beast."  We must endure it...but we can enjoy it as well!


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