Thursday, December 19, 2019

Absolute Security!

Yesterday it was in the '20's.  Today, it is almost 60...and six days until Christmas!!  The weather changes...attitudes change...locations change...people change.  There is One constant, however, that changes not: Jesus Christ!  He is the same yesterday, today, forever!  Cling to him all the days of your life!

Regardless of the climate of

the heart or atmosphere,
there is a constant through it all
and we have Him so near!
JESUS--He is living in
the here and in the now!
His Presence is not 'seasonal,'
and perfect be His vow!
Regardless of the speed at which
your Christmas seems to be,
already He has seen it and
YOU WILL have victory!
Cling to Him as you go about,
talk to Him through it all,
and 'the holidays' will be 'Holy days,'
no thing to cause you stall!

The stress that comes with season doesn't
have to be at all!
Give to Him each day, in the morning,
follow His sure call!
It wasn't meant to be a contest
at the end of year;
it IS a time to love and give
to those who we hold dear!
And THAT fact changes not, regardless
how the 'world' feels;
Call on the name of Jesus, 
for He answers all appeals!

Change is THIS world.  But we are not OF this world with Jesus inside.  We are merely IN this world, thus the stress it may cause doesn't have to bring us down.

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