Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The 'Everyday' God!

The last day of the year.  A year of ups and downs...trials and triumphs...coming and going...nothing "spectacular."  God, however, is very present in 'daily grind,' and He makes each day worth living!

"To find You in 'simplicity--'
like diamonds in the rough!
To see you, Lord, in family,
and other daily 'stuff;
in times and places when I do not
'look' for You to be--
so are the joys of being Yours,
'belonging' to royalty!

The simple and spectacular

You are each day we know!
Regardless of occasion, Lord,
Your presence makes it so!
And memories are made each day
that we're alive in You,
regardless who we're with, oh Lord,
regardless what we do!"

Too many I speak to or speak with have the idea that they must do or behold something beyond spectacular to behold God, when, in reality, He is right beside you every step of the way.  Welcome Him there, and let Him experience it all with you!

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Overcoming odds!

Pondering the things that Jesus overcame just so that we could know Him.  Poring over His Word and realizing the depths of His love for us...to only afford us the opportunity to live!  WHO ARE WE?!

That so wonderful, beautiful,
miraculous and gay--
the same be troubling to some
who fear the Only Way!
The King--even before His birth,
intimidating some;
oh, but them that truly know The Truth,
blest victory the sum!
Each step taken to prevent,
one stepped ahead He stayed;
Almighty God to come as man
that Scripture be obeyed;
everlasting joy, blest healing,
peace that passes all--
such truths, so troubling that some
sought to prevent it all!
But wonder, blessed wonder, yes,
and everlasting life:
Jesus--He remains!  His grace,
His power and His love
are yet far greater than the strife
that this world is full of!

Regardless of the world's conditions
He's above it all!
And he avails Himself so freely
if you only call!
Let NOTHING of this life prevent you
from relationship;
the hold of Jesus and His love--
there be no greater grip!

Yes, I know that there are some wretched and terrible things happening around the world, EVERYWHERE!  BUT GOD is well aware of it.  Recompense will be.  There are also great and wonderful things happening.  Unfortunately, due our HUMAN appetite, those beautiful things do not always receive as much coverage.  But GOOD remains.  GOOD happens.  Enjoy it whenever you can, and know The Source!

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Far beyond seasonal!

After celebrations.  After gatherings.  After shopping sprees.  After life returns to 'normal,' the same needs and necessities remain, and our calling continues on...

Joy to the world we have to be--

there is a lack of such!
For He has filled us with His joy,
and THAT so very much!
Yet life would tend to interfere
and rob us of the same,
but those with Christ secure within,
His joy may freely claim!
And not just for ourselves, but to
distribute everywhere!
Too many be the obstacles
that others face out there!
that rob them of them of the joy that so
abounds with life and mirth!
Know your value; claim His joy
and TRULY know your worth!
If God determined YOU were worth
Him sending His Own Son,
then NOTHING of this life may cause
That Joy become undone!

Regardless what is going on,

The lord--He is aware;
and overcoming it--the lord,
for He is ALWAYS there!
See to it then you live that joy
as you go day-to-day
knowing that Your steps are ordered
all along the way!

Yes, joy be emphasized this time of year, but His Joy is/should be a DAILY staple in everyone's life!  Know Jesus--for He is the source of that joy.  He is not seasonal...HE IS ETERNAL!


Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Way...the One and ONLY!

Around the world...throughout all time...beyond culture...JESUS CHRIST IS GOD and the Only Way!

So vast the celebrations!

Ancient prophecies fulfilled...
weary 'traditions' torn!
Peace on earth...peace in heart...
Peace that passes all...
a tiny, fragile infant to fill
history's greatest call!
His Name is JESUS CHRIST no matter
what you have been told!
Regardless what by men be taught,
the facts remain so bold!
"For God so loved the world..." there be
this blessed celebration!
One Way.  One Word.  One only Blood
establishing relation!

Immanuel.  God with us.

The angels understood!
The prophecies of many 
centuries be proven good
in just a fragile, infant child
come in environs crude;
more than 'tradition,' more than 'ritual,'
surpassing 'attitude!'

Yea, so vast the celebration!

It's for JESUS CHRIST alone!
and only in the Person of him
is TRUE living known!

ONLY IN JESUS.  So many 'ways' and 'systems' would man and the world devise to do the same, skirt the facts, and deny or defy The Truth, yet He lives on today and evermore.  For there is no other way to get to the Father or live beyond this life!


Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas is more!

Busy with business...involved in life...(sometimes, TOO involved!)...and trying to make things perfect before everyone arrives.  Really?!

The hustle and the hurry now aside...

Take time to truly savor Christmastide!
The gifts--they are so treasured, one and all!
But Jesus is the greatest gift of all!

While we spent weeks and months before,

it was already done!
God completed EVERY Christmas
by sending us His Son!
We do our best to outdo such
but each year at this time--
to do so has no reason to it,
nor does it have rhyme!

No more hustle.  No more hurry.

Rest for goodness sake!
Enjoy each other while we can--
too soon, this life will take!
And too many spend 'the holidays'
regretting what was not,
instead of enjoying all that IS
now in the time we've got!
Enjoy the ones that you have with you;
soon, they will be gone...
enjoy the sun upon the rise--
the simplicity of dawn...
enjoy the same as it would set,
(for sunset now know many!)
and, surely, make peace with your foes,
(if you know of any!)

But, for the moment, stop...look out...
see winter and enjoy;
let not the certainties of life,
YOUR Christmas time, annoy!

Whomever you have there with you to spend Christmas with, do so with a grateful, fortunate heart!  No regrets.  Too many we know and love are not able to anymore.
God bless you, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LORD JESUS!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Red, white, green and BLUE!

While most of us celebrate, others are on duty somewhere so that we can do so with peace of mind.  May we hold each of them up in prayer as they do a thankless job day in and day out!

"'Silent night...Holy night..'

For the moment, all is right.
Law enforcement all, take rest,
your labors--may they each be blessed!
And, if only for the shortest time,
no emergency, no crime;
but take a breather, one and all,
from your needed dangerous call.
And know we appreciate you there,
and we are girding you with prayer.
For fast and furious be the pace.
This time of year has become a race!
But now, late evening before his birth,
may you relax and savor 'Peace on Earth!'
Too soon, the speed it will return
and you'll need this break from what you earn!

So many, many are the prayers,

and coming from all everywheres
for your safety, your strength and resolve
to stop the villain, the crime to solve.
So rest in knowing more are aware
of you and hold you up in prayer!
For soon, a Place where you're needed not;
but, for now, we're grateful that YOU we've got!"

Whomever you are, wherever you are, take a moment this evening to say a prayer for and thank God for all of those out on patrol so that we can enjoy our friends, family and celebrations of Jesus' birth!


Monday, December 23, 2019


Jesus Christ is come!  The king is alive!  Centuries of prophecy fulfilled, words upon ancient pages proven, AND LIBERTY IS SECURED!

The King--He is alive!  He reigns,
He governs from on high!
The wise men have returned from whence
they brought the treasures nigh.
Angels--they are singing yet
a song that shall not end!
The king is on His throne for aye,
His people to defend!

We celebrate Him constantly!

We honor Him always!
But for a time, each time of year,
we fete Him with more praise!
And though festivities may wane,
His reign will NEVER cease!
Eternal is His royalty,
authority and peace!

We take to heart the miracles
surrounding His great birth;
we're mindful of the life He lived,
establishing our worth;
we do our best to live for Him
and He says "It is enough."
The season now upon us--it is

greater than mere "stuff!"
Celebrate with all your heart, while keeping Truth in perspective.  Paramount of all that we have going on, HE IS WORTHY OF ALL WE ARE!


Saturday, December 21, 2019


Join the festivities...JESUS CHRIST IS BORN!!  It is something greater than history that was...history that is now...or history that will be: Jesus Christ IS History!!

His Story--it is OUR story,

and worth the celebration!
God has made it possible,
with Him, to have relation!
No longer is a veil to separate
us from His Being--
but, evermore, it's His holy love
we're capable of SEEING!

His story--it is more than story--

it is relationship!
Our sins may be forgiven, yes,
with grace does He equip!
And Healing is provided through
His very precious Blood!
Set every hindrance aside
and step into The Flood!

O Christmas is just the beginning

of a life so real!
A life of great abundance ALL
may see and know and feel!
Join the celebration, ye,
let not a thing restrain!
For Christ has come for EVEN YOU
and He'll break your every chain!

Celebrate!  Even if you have no gift to give...HE'S ALREADY GIVEN IT ALL!  Come to the celebration!  It is open to one and all, and it will last for all eternity!


Friday, December 20, 2019

Peace in spite of all!

Peace on earth.  Peace that surpasses the media.  Peace that surpasses the rush to get everything just right.  Peace that surpasses controversy.  Peace that surpasses poverty.  We need that Peace right now, and I know where it is!

"All I must do is call Your Name

and perfect peace prevails!
You made sure that I made it here;
Your mercy never fails!
I waited on so many people,
and now, You wait on me!?
You clarify the day in whole,
and, clearly, I can see!
The issues that now face the world...
the duties now complete...
the list that is awaiting prayer...
but, first, time at Your feet!
For here is healing, clarity
and synchronicity;
it's time to celebrate YOU, yet
You are concerned for ME!
O God, You are so good to us
even when life, it ain't!
You stabilize, lest this world,
perspective, would so taint!
Even though Your birthday is,
so great is Your concern;
and though I come to edify,
my heart would You discern!
So perfect peace would You avail
unto a weary heart.
Arms of perfect, healing love
around me You impart!
And in The Season that is You
it is I receiving gifts,
as Your gracious, healing love,
yet once again, so lifts!"

A lot is happening right now around the world.  A lot is happening right now in this country.  A lot is happening right now to loved ones...but GOD assures me that He is aware, He's in control and, somehow, He will be glorified through it all.


Thursday, December 19, 2019

Absolute Security!

Yesterday it was in the '20's.  Today, it is almost 60...and six days until Christmas!!  The weather changes...attitudes change...locations change...people change.  There is One constant, however, that changes not: Jesus Christ!  He is the same yesterday, today, forever!  Cling to him all the days of your life!

Regardless of the climate of

the heart or atmosphere,
there is a constant through it all
and we have Him so near!
JESUS--He is living in
the here and in the now!
His Presence is not 'seasonal,'
and perfect be His vow!
Regardless of the speed at which
your Christmas seems to be,
already He has seen it and
YOU WILL have victory!
Cling to Him as you go about,
talk to Him through it all,
and 'the holidays' will be 'Holy days,'
no thing to cause you stall!

The stress that comes with season doesn't
have to be at all!
Give to Him each day, in the morning,
follow His sure call!
It wasn't meant to be a contest
at the end of year;
it IS a time to love and give
to those who we hold dear!
And THAT fact changes not, regardless
how the 'world' feels;
Call on the name of Jesus, 
for He answers all appeals!

Change is inevitable...in THIS world.  But we are not OF this world with Jesus inside.  We are merely IN this world, thus the stress it may cause doesn't have to bring us down.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Beauty and the Beast!

Yes, some may look at winter that way, and with good reason!  But may we focus on the beauty of it for just a few moments...

Fragile flakes, so frozen,

so beautiful to see;
out of the heavenlies somewhere
falling gracefully!
Though chilling be the observation,
it is worth it all!
The majesty of His creation
at HIS rate to fall!

The blanket of pure ivory...

the frigid of the feel...
for the moment, to the writer,
would it so appeal!
The temporary spectacle
enjoyed and not ignored;
for soon enough, the very same, 
by some will be abhorred!

But, for now, the magical,

majesty and mystique
is purely on display in ways
remaining quite unique!
So pure, pristine and beautiful
is nature and His creation;
therefore, the pen would try to catch
the precious fascination!

Winter hurts.  Winter is painful.  Winter is inconvenient.  Oh, but winter is so glorious and beautiful!!  The original, "beauty and the beast."  We must endure it...but we can enjoy it as well!


Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Fete Him Anyway!

I speak with folks all around the globe through this ministry, and it always fascinates me how some of us are freezing as we celebrate Jesus, while others do so on the beach...

Climates differ 'round the world

as celebrations are.
In the east, there is fascination
over a Bright Star!
Locally, the temperatures
may hinder some to start,
but not a thing at all prevents
festivities in the heart!

Some give...some get...some do their best

to make the most of season.
WE celebrate Christ every day
because He gives life reason!
But at THIS time of year we purpose
to give all the more,
not for 'contest,' but for love--
to lift, to bless, to restore!

Yea, climates differ at this time,
but, locally, IT'S COLD!
such will not hinder, though,
as jubilation, it is bold!
We do so because He's worthy, and
HE has brought The Greatest Gift:
because of Christ, the weight of death,
off of us is to lift!!

Traditions, customs, cultures--
Jesus overshadows all
freely giving EVERYONE
the choice to heed His Call!

However it is YOU honor Jesus at this time of year, do it with all your heart...AND ALL YEAR LONG!  For He alone is worthy of such!

Monday, December 16, 2019

Christmas Because

Jesus Christ is born!
Therefore, we celebrate, and call it CHRISTMAS!  For in His infinite wisdom, God had many reasons for this...

You created Christmas to

remind us of our worth.
Jesus Christ, Your perfect Son--
so special be His birth!
So many details had to be
and You met every one
that any willing could declare
"not mine but Thine be done!"

Yes, You created Christmas, Lord,
therefore, we celebrate!
For You lone are worthy, lord,
so good and o so great!
We focus on the Life you are,
and be distracted not,
regardless of the 'merchandise,
that this old world has got!

And we give--because You've given and
continue for to give.
Because of Christmas, Lord, can we
abundantly so live!
And not 'abundance' as the world
has come to know and love,
but that which money cannot buy,
and then Heaven up above!

You created Christmas--
You ARE the very same!
We lift our hearts unto You, Lord,
and praise Your Holy Name!"

God created Christmas so that we could know and love Him--JESUS CHRIST!  Make sure such is our focus in the days that are lest we get caught up in the trappings that abound!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Enjoy the Joy!

Busy...busy...busy...  So it is this time of year.  BUT GOD can help you keep up with it...IF you follow HIS pace!
Amidst the traffic...amidst the trap...
amidst the constant noise,
there is a Truth to overshadow:
the never-ending joys!
Christmas finds us busy all,
but CHRIST is everyday!
Let not the stress take hold of you
but glory in The Way!
He is The Way of celebration
more than surface-deep.
He is the ONLY Way for to,
our wits about us, keep!
And He is worth the celebration,
worthy of the time!
Even if we're at a point
when we can't spare a dime!
Jesus Christ is Christmas!  
He is more than we can know!
Join the heavens and celebrate,
His precious grace to know!
The Gift that doesn't break, wear out,
or go out of season:
that is Jesus Christ the Lord--
He is the ONLY reason!

Don't let the trappings of the time rob you of the joys that are eternal.  They are found in a relationship with Jesus!  Know Him.  Love Him.  CELEBRATE HIM!


Saturday, December 14, 2019

The Journey

IF one were dedicated enough, the Jew would make the annual pilgrimage to Jerusalem.  This year, however, would change all of history!
The journey--it is annual,
and many travelers are.
This time, there is royalty,
and they're following a star!
Though arduous the trek, the faithful
will not be deterred;
who knew that this time would arrive
the very Living Word?!

Arriving not in time for 

adequate accommodations,
a humble manger had to hold 
THE blessed celebration!
Hardly the environs for
the Greatest of all kings,
yet even Heaven celebrated:
the song of angels rings!

A Baby in a stable in

the middle of nowhere;
but history knew where it would be--
for God Himself was there!!
And WE--the beneficiaries,
due His master plan:
salvation come for anyone--
Son of God and Son of man!

Gratitude flows from this pen to God for this blessed event!  Where would I be if it were not for Jesus?  Where would ANY of us be?!  I hasten not to think of such, but sing songs of praise unto Him CONSTANTLY for His Gift of Jesus!


Thursday, December 12, 2019

Make the most of it!

Observing.  Years ago, Pastor Venable did a sermon on such.  It was something that I had already grown accustomed to, being in customer service, but he gave us some extremely valuable pointers to help us see things that usually go unnoticed.  That said, I watched a large family at my restaurant the other day.  I took mental notes as grandma spoke...

"I'm so grateful for your visit!
I enjoy the holidays.
You mean so very much to me
in oh so many ways!
Come join us in the living room;
set down that busy phone;
the texts can wait, facebook will be, 
this time is for us alone!

I'm so grateful for your visit!

I'm so glad Christmas is near!
That means I have my friend AND family
finally one place near!
You're much better than the telephone,
Skype or even text!
Your value in my life is greater
than you can expect!
It's Christmas!  You are with me here--
that is the greatest gift
I know you're busy.  You each have lives;
you're presence is such a lift!
Put down your phones.  Close your computer.
Let's visit for awhile.
The world can wait.  Let's celebrate
our lord and laugh and smile!

I'm grateful you're here--let no distraction;

time is not on our side!
I don't have much.  I want to spend it
while Christ be glorified!
And spend that time enjoying you
as long as I still can!
I'm grateful for your visit--make it
wonderful we can!!"

So many things going on in so many lives.  May we set them all aside while we make time to celebrate Jesus and enjoy each other.  There is only ONE Who knows how often we will be able to do this, and He will not divulge such unto us.  We must make the most of the time we have!


Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Correct Pace

14 more days.  So much to do...so little time...it can get maddening.  But it does not have to, and Jesus certainly did not mean for it to!

The pace of life that's happening--
yet God keeps up with me!
He knows the glory of the 'season'
and the traps that be.
Already does He know the list
I have for several weeks;
but a fraction of that time,
WITH HIM, He dearly seeks!

The pace of life that's happening--

can I keep up with God?!
HIS schedule and HIS ways, this world
would find completely odd!
Yet He invites me, He invites US
to join Him for it all!
He has it planned so perfectly;
just answer to his call!

The world would have you 'hurry up,'

but refuge He provides.
Keep up with God instead of 'life'--
there, victory abides!
Stay focused upon pleasing Him
instead of everyone,
and, as only He can do,
He'll see that things get done!

So wonderful and enjoyable are the holidays.  So glorious and hallowed is Christmas!  So beautiful and majestic is the scenery!  Don't let the hustle, hurry and stress of 'the season' rob you of the wonder of it all!  Turn it over to Him.  Do things at the pace HE sets for you, and everything will be taken care of and memorable.


Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Gratitude Song!

"'Tis the season?"  Unfortunately, it is for too many.  But those with Jesus in the heart celebrate Him constantly!  AND HE IS WORTHY OF SUCH!!

Sing to the Lord with gratitude!
Sing to the Lord with praise!
Sing to The One Whose ways are so
much greater than our ways!
Yea, sing to the Lord--for He compares
no person to another:
His loves is equal unto each
and sees us all as "brother!"
He is above the 'by-laws' and
the systems set by man!
His love--it is far greater than
any of history's plans!
Realize the 'box' He's in
and He'll break out of such!
No matter what the 'rules' may be,
far superior is His touch!

Yes, sing with all your hear that song

He's given you with joy!
It's necessary to come out
that others may enjoy
and even may desire to have
the same, the same so deep!
That sacred song of gratitude
but ever-constantly keep!

An attitude of gratitude?  No!  It is a lifestyle to be lived not just during 'holidays,' but EVERY day!  Of a truth we are grateful to be celebrating Jesus this time of year, but He is worthy of such every other day of the year as well!


Sunday, December 8, 2019

Helping Celebrate

So busy be life about...especially this time of year.  How many of us, however, just 'assume' that everyone else out there scurrying around has the same joy and expectancy inside that we do...

We celebrate--in spite of life,
life that may lack favor.
So countless, the events and times,
we have each day to savor;
For in the days deemed 'holidays'
there be much to enjoy,
but many they not as fortunate,
thus 'faith' must they employ.
Not everything is bows and wrappings
for everyone around.
And, much closer to you, 
vast adversity is found!
But YOU have opportunity,
such trials, to offset
by being open to The Spirit--
be ready and be set!
For God has use of you amidst
the 'joy' that SHOULD exist!
Look, listen and be available
lest, a blessing, you have missed!

Christmas--and we celebrate

because of Jesus Christ!
Almighty God above, around,
His Best has sacrificed.
Though many have no reason for
to join that celebration;
YOU can give them cause to join
in His great exaltation!

Yes, those who are dreading the days that are are not only closer than you think, they are also quite a few more than you think!  Make sure those around YOU know the joy that you do and have reason to join in!

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Led by The Spirit

Where am I?!  How did I get to this place?  What am I here for?  There are so many other places and things that I can imagine doing...ahh, but THAT'S it!  I am here for HIS purpose, and He knows exactly where I am and I'm about to find out what to do...

In a foreign place...
drawn here by His grace;
for where The Spirit leads
but surely this man heeds!
I've not been this way before;
I don't know what it is for,
but I know a certain plan
the Lord has for this man!

In a bar...a church...an open field--

to His leading I will yield
because I have come to know
that HIS purpose, He will show!
And I WILL discern the way
that He has for me each day,
I must but only yield
and His cause will be revealed.

Be it known or unknown,

the way--it will be shown;
and whatever be the cause
it will bring the Lord applause
which He is worthy of,
as He is the King of Love!
Yea, there be no 'foreign place'
when you live each day by grace!

"Spirit-led."  It is not a 'thing.'  It is a way of life.  A way of life for those who are willing to follow Him where He leads and do that which He commands.

Are YOU one of those people?

The Vantage Point

On the road again.  How many miles ahead?  No matter.  However, I round a bend, top a hill and

From a distance, yonder range--
it takes my breath away!
To see the mountains from this point
so steels me in my day!
Dusted freely with the powder
fallen overnight,
framed by blue eternity
and showcased by sunlight!

The day's agenda--it can wait

while vision takes it in!
To ignore such panorama
be a wretched sin!
The very workings of God's hands--
impossible to miss.
Always glory...always living...
only God makes this!

A mountain range somewhere.

How many people care?
Such matters not at all,
for God, He gives His all!
Find this place for your own
where His touch is clearly known!
You don't have to go too far
to see where His creations are!

The hand of God.  On display once again in extraordinary fashion!  See it for yourselves all around you as you go about your day today!


Friday, December 6, 2019

That which matters

Ahh...the holidays.  CHRISTMAS!  Of a truth it is fast approaching, and joyful are the times to be had...IN HIM--for it is Christmas!
I want to focus on that.

I do not want to argue with you

over doctrines set;
that usually separates us and,
a headache, we will get!
I don't even want to talk right now
about 'denomination,'
I just want to know how you are
in gentle conversation.

Can we leave 'theology' and

semantics at the door
and get to know each other first,
and what we're needy for?
I'm sure that you've had plenty argue
with you about 'belief,'
but what we're going through RIGHT NOW,
unto me, that is chief!
For God already knows the hearts
and, if they're in need of change,
a meeting for such, in the future,
I know He will arrange!
But, for the moment, you need me,
and I have need of you;
and, if we get together, there
is so much we can do!

No argument, no confrontation--

only 'fellowship.'
If we could start THAT way, the foe
would surely lose his grip!

Too many people...too many families...too many groups are alienating themselves from each other over things that matter not in the scope of eternity.  May we not let that happen as we get to know each other better this season.


Thursday, December 5, 2019


Time goes by.  Day begins to wane.  And, as evening approaches, God sends another reminder to those who pay attention...

Treetops are illuminated,

afternoon is fading;
a cold and clear December evening
just ahead awaiting;
but mesmerizing is the way
He paints the colors yet
for to draw the pen and pad,
a perfect verse, to get!

The orange, pink and silhouettes

that fill the vision wide--
with His mighty Presence are
they made to coincide
as He sets up a rendezvous
to ask about my day;
what a privilege to know
Creator God this way!

And changing are the shades that are

as He meets with me here.
The times that we spend with each other,
oh, they are so dear!
He leaves me not, (though sunlight may,)
at any time at all!
Know His Presence.  Know his beauty.
Know His very call!

Creator God creating...once again...CONSTANTLY!  There is so much of His handiwork to be seen that, oftentimes, it goes completely unnoticed!  Let such not be in your life!  Be intentional in your awareness of Him as you go about your day.


Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Take a breath!

It is December, and we can get so caught up in what must be done for whom and when that we do damage to our very selves.
That is NOT God's plan at all!

So busy are the days that are...
so many things to do...
so many places one must go
to just accomplish "through!"
Aah, but there's a better way
to spend the days that are;
and HE gives the ability
so a 'success' you are!

The world tells you 'Go faster!
Get as much as you can get!'
But GOD says to the heart 'I've got this!
You've no need to fret!'
So do it HIS way--He's the very
Maker of the day,
and He'll see to it that the time
will surely go your way!

He did not mean for holidays
to be a tournament!
He meant them to be set aside
and, with pleasure, spent.
So stay out of the race and breathe
and know His perfect peace.
All things will work for good for those
accepting His release!

Do as much as you can when you can and TRUST that God is in control of all the rest.  That is the only way to get through 'the holidays!'

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

God's Sight

I have heard that, due to the sin that we are prone to do, God cannot look upon us...unless it is through the eyes of Jesus.  This man is far from 'sinless,' but God still walks with me and looks into my eyes when I speak with Him!

"You look upon my sin with hate,

disgust and great disdain!
You are so pure and holy, and there
is nothing You could gain!
However, your great love for us
prevents You from withdrawal;
and, all that we could ever need,
You have the wherewithal!
Though sinful we, You spare no means
to demonstrate Your love
for such as we from Your lofty
throne in heights above!
And NOT just in the heavens, You
surround our very days
with glory and with majesty,
and with Your perfect ways!

You look upon us with Your arms

extended to us all.
You know the way we are, yet You
do not withhold Your Call!
The Perfect Lord--desiring
those plagued with imperfection!
The love of God...the Lord alone--
so vast yet the connection!

Your perfect love is constantly offered to us all.  No matter how good...no matter how bad...no matter how busy...no matter how ignorant...You constantly love us perfectly and offer us the same.

Can we EVER fully understand this?"