Thursday, November 21, 2019

What are 'Words' for?

Late afternoon.  Sitting in the office.  I lean back from the desk and see the row of notebooks lining the wall.  They are filled with pages of words that have been penned over the years as I have opened a notebook and written "SPEAK, OH LORD."  He has always been faithful to fill in the page...but what do I do with them then?

"How many are the thought and word
that eyes won't see, that won't be heard?
How many pages have amassed
that, by no other eyes, have passed?
I see the volumes on my shelves
awaiting to be seen by selves
that seek to know, that seek to hear,
O help me spread Your words so clear!

Too many, even by one man,

have been written with a glorious plan
to further unveil the glory of
Your mercy, Your grace, Your perfect love!
Pages so filled with Life and Hope
penned to help others see You and cope!
Yet there they sit, with title and date...
O Lord, but what shall be their fate?!
I KNOW You don't give them to me
so others cannot hear or see
the wonder of You that they contain!
It hurts.  But, then, You know the pain.

So Lord, take each letter, verse and word.

Use each so that YOU may be heard
and bring hope and joy and love and peace
to a world where such needs great release!
For these words that You loan to this man--
they have a greater purpose and plan
and You can do so much more than I!
I avail my pen to You, God Most high!"

It is the prayer of this servant that these words are touching you and that you can feel Jesus as you read them as I feel Him as He is giving them to me!

In HIS Service,

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