Monday, November 4, 2019

The Weekend

As many of you know, the weekend is supposed to be a time of rest to recover from the week.  In some businesses, however, the weekend means that the job will be busier because others are not at work!

Leaving for the city and
the calling that He gives.
It's Saturday--therefore, all life
gets out and really lives!
Already I'm expecting business
BUSY is going to be...
already knowing that the Hand
of God I'm going to see!

God--He is so present in

the duties of the day!
He is alive and on the move
but all along the way!
I so look forward to the ways
that I'll see Him anew;
already is the expectation
He will be in view!
And ready to be used in ways
that only He knows how!
He is so very present in
the here and in the now!
But He is newer every day,
and fresh, His mercies, so;
so here I go to do the things
that only He can know!

Every day with God is a new adventure.  Every moment is a new opportunity to watch Him or join Him in living!  Don't miss out on those precious matter what day it is!


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