Friday, November 15, 2019

The Vast Glory!

What a glorious day!  What a panorama before me of his creation!  I see the intricacy and the detail of what He has made, and I am humbled that He would call even me to savor it...

Looking out across the open land
with the morning sunlight to expand;
my eyes be drawn unto the boundless blue
and to that land that's yet out of our view!
The One Who loves and keeps us in His care,
He is the very one Who governs there,
and all things all of us are going through--
none of them will affect in that venue!

And, from His post just there beyond the sky,

He cheers for us!  He pulls for you and I
as each of us, THROUGH all things, persevere:
the trial and tribulation that is here!
And He reminds us that he has a Perfect Place
where, struggles of the present, we won't face!
Pain and suffering--they will all be gone,
all good and perfect, there, will carry on!
And his glorious Presence--the greatest of all good,
in That Place will be seen ad understood!

The grand and glorious--so visible right now,

it's but a foretaste of forever's vow!
Press on! Press on!  For it will be worth it all!
IF you have responded to His Spirit's call!

Be quick to answer that Call, my friend!  It is availed to one and all, but time is fleeting and, unlike His Paradise, His call will not last forever.


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