Monday, November 18, 2019

That which surpasses all!

Peace...oh what a precious gift!  And TRUE peace from Him Who is called Peace!  Do YOU have it in your life?  It is more than a 'gift,' it is a necessity!

Peace--what blessed peace availed

to any and to all!
It comes from Jesus Christ the Lord,
the One Who seals your call!
A peace beyond all explanations--
greater than all word;
o blessed peace availed through Him--
nowhere else seen, felt or heard!

How can even poet capture

such upon a page?
But greater, to enjoy it as
the world about may rage!
For even in the trial and 
tribulations that persist,
Jesus and The peace he is
do certainly exist!

Peace--His Name is Jesus; He

refuses for to cease!
Out of his perfect love and care,
your life, He won't release!
Press on!  Press on!  Progress in that
which you have been assigned,
for, by the imperfections here,
you shall not be maligned!

How wonderful to savor His Peace even in the days we are, the times that are.  It IS possible, even if it YOU going through those times!  Trust in Jesus.  HE WILL NOT FAIL!


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