Sunday, November 24, 2019

Thanksgiving (for some!)

(Earlier this week, I had 10 minutes to grab a bite before I got back to my window.  I grabbed something, and sat down in lobby with someone that I had never met.  
It's five days away, but some of us have been planning on it for weeks.  The plans of this person got all mixed up as I had a conversation earlier this week.  It all boils down to 'perspective...'  To paraphrase his words:)

"Thanksgiving be upon us--I have

so much to be thankful for!
Despite how I may look or smell,
it's true: I have so much more!
The looks that I receive from others...
the shaking of the head....
I choose to focus on the Lord
and, thankful, be instead.

I do not have possessions like

what other people do...
I do not have the living quarters
had by such as you...
I do have satisfaction, though,
and I know I'll be fed;
though you may turn your back on me,
Christ reaches out instead!

It was not my decision to

be in such state this year,
but I know that this life changes, so
I haven't any fear!
The mountaintop is wonderful,
but fruit grows in the valley;
and no matter how hard you try to look
you can't see past this alley.

You may not even see me.  You may see me and look the other way.  That matters not.  GOD SEES ME.  And He also sees to my daily needs.  The only question is: will YOU savor the joy that comes in helping God meet those needs?  My current situation is temporary.  Is your heart's attitude temporary too?"


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