Saturday, November 16, 2019


A busy world.
Not only are we busy with what we must get done, the world is busy attempting to sway us and do what it wants us to do.  Which heart will you respond to?

The world and its temptations--

sometimes, they sound so good!
So diligent must one become
lest we get taken and stood!
The closer to the end we get,
the tactics become worse!
The enemy has had so many 
centuries to rehearse!

BUT GOD, He is protection from

the wiles of the same!
Stay in His Word.  Stand firm in Him,
your victor to claim!
There is so much out there that sounds
just too good to be true;
but riches that are true and pure
will HE reveal to you!

Succumb not to the traps that are

abounding in the days!
Provider God, He is so faithful
each and every day!
Trust in Him for all you need
and so avoid the snares;
stay in His Word and He'll see you're
not taken unawares!

The more advanced we become, the more savvy we become with what He entrusts unto us, the enemy redoubles his efforts to embezzle us out of it.  DON'T LET HIM!!  Know The Word.  Know His voice, and become acquainted with His ways.  For there are too many others out their attempting to force their ways upon us!


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