Saturday, November 2, 2019

Season Ripe!

Ahhh...the glory of His handiwork...and right before the eyes!  May each and all of us NEVER take such for granted.  For God, The Great Creator, is THE original and best artist...

Autumn in the latter days--
how many even care?
So busy are the days that are
that most be unaware;
some of us can 'feel' it in ways
we would rather not...
while others try to capture it
with a camera shot!

No matter, it be beauty, even
to the weakest eye;
and though the seasons motion, in
so many ways, outcry,
it's all part of the wonder of
the order set forth He;
(I wish, though, that it wasn't 'felt'
inside the joints of such as we!)

Autumn--though it's half-way old,
it still remains ablaze!
And so amazing to the eyes,
especially on sunny days!
The hands of god with palette and
with brush at liberty;
to so behold His handiwork,
most fortunate, are we!

Wherever you are, whomever you are, it is the prayer of this man that even you have opportune to behold the wonder and spectacle of the seasons!  Life would be so boring without them!

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