Saturday, November 9, 2019

Promises Beyond!

Morning once again.
The daily routine begins.  So much to spite of how we may feel.  First, though, to meet with Jesus for a while.  And, as I do, I receive a promise:

In the earliest of early

life is yet happening!
There is a glory chorus from
so many on the wing;
and there is a City on my heart
where night comes not at all,
and there is a longing in my soul
to be there with them all!

Ah, yes--Heaven--it is in my heart

and everlasting song!
That Paradise with Jesus and
His crimson-purchased throng!
Where all will be perfection, oh,
and time shall be no more;
can you see it too, my friend,
just there beyond that shore?

The earliest of early, oh,

but ANY time of day
sweet glimpses of that Glory land
He makes to come our way
to give us hope, to give us strength,
to cause us to press on,
and to remind that, daily trials,
some day will all be gone!

Join with me won't you, friend, in seeing beyond the pain and imperfections of people, time and place to the glory that awaits?  It WILL be worth it all!


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