Thursday, November 7, 2019


Technology is AWESOME...when it is working correctly!  Too often, however, I/we become so dependent upon it that we lose sight of the simple use of 'time' when it is not working properly.  May we NEVER take 'simplicity' for granted!

When everything is gone, I still have You!

When things aren't working, You continue to.
You are dependable, You never fail
and You're 'everything' You constantly avail!

Where would we be, Lord, if it weren't for you?

Through tragedy and trial You pursue
to assure Your Own that You are here,
regardless of the good or bad that's near!
And even when 'technology' may fail,
we KNOW that, in You, our day will prevail.
What sweet assurance may we each enjoy
as, faith in YOU, we possess, Lord, and employ!

Yes, technology is a great and precious gift,

the lives and ease of so many to uplift,
but greater is Your presence in this life--
lest, multiplied, be the agony and strife!
For it is YOU that gives to man insight so wise!
Our simple logic Your great insight defies
and causes us to realize and to progress!
How many, o my God, are the ways that You bless!

Something so simple in this life that we may even take for granted fails or crashes...and we panic!  The electricity goes out, even briefly, and we freak!  Such shouldn't be.  He loves us and KNOWS each of us much better than that, and HE will never fail!

Where have you put your trust?

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