Friday, November 8, 2019


Yes, I have found that there are some that must be reminded to.  Too many be they that feel they are no longer of any use.  THAT'S JUST NOT TRUE!!

Be up for life!

Once more does He provide!
He did not mean for you to simply
sit along the side!
He meant for you to be involved,
and 'purpose' does He give;
not just simply to 'survive,'
but get out there and LIVE!!

There are so many that cannot

'get out' as it be known.
Nonethelesss, He has so much
so you are not alone!
Even if you can't 'get out,'
pick up the phone and call!
For there are others wondering 
if any care at all.
The same be so rewarding,
and it can heal also.
You may not fathom in this life
the lengths that it may go;
BUT GOD, He uses simple things
and ministers through such;
regardless of the magnitude,
so present be His touch!

Yes, be there, live, show up for life,

it's passing by so fast!
And many be the blessings yet
that wait to be amassed!

There is a very large, very busy world out there that needs you.  Too,  there are countless numbers of folks somewhere that would love to hear a voice on the other end of the phone...or get a card once in a while.

'Ministry' is something far greater than what preachers do.  It is something that ALL are called to do.  Get with it!

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