Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Live life TODAY!

Slow down.  Look around you.  Enjoy the wonder and the majesty of RIGHT NOW!  Too many things are out there tempting us to 'hurry.'  There is NO time for that!

One day at a time is all
that I have time to live;
I can't keep up with the schedule
that 'things' or 'companies' give!
Already go too fast the days
that happen one-by-one;
and already is there plenty of work
that, THIS DAY, must be done!

I know that 'seasons' are approaching,

I know what they entail;
but if I try to live beyond today
surely I will fail!
Is that why "present" is a present
out of His great vow?
He knows exactly what I need
for the here and now.

So LIVE--and fret not for the morrow,

nor approaching 'season;'
He would not give us such command
if there were not a reason!
Enjoy the day, the day that IS,
and so avoid the stress
that others try to put upon us,
and we'll avoid distress!

Year after year, businesses about are pushing blessings such as Christmas upon us sooner and sooner.  Don't let them.  Enjoy the days that are and let the days to come take care of themselves.  God has His way of doing that!


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