Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Lead, follow or get out of the way!

God is on the move!  He is alive and well and changing hearts and lives all over this globe!  Question is: will WE get involved?

"Oh Father, I would focus on You moving

and let 'tradition' not get in the way!
For You have so much more than 'expectations'
and Your mercies, they are newer every day!
It's a very busy world we are involved in;
but, Lord, do I include YOU in the same?
In Your Church, in my house, in my labors
let me NEVER cease to glorify Your Name!
And may 'comfortable' not ever be accepted,
lest life about me, it would cease to flow!
Father Lord, a 'Holy Ghost' rebellion
happen THROUGH us everywhere we go!

I love Your house--but make that house so massive

that I talk of it to each and everyone!
O make Yourself so tangible about me
that they desire where to find Your Son!
O fill those holy places where we gather
with them that need to know Your saving Blood!
Be there so great a witness, Lord, about us
that, to Your doorsteps, there be so great a flood!

Yes, God, You are so alive so deep within us,

but cause that life to spill out EVERYWHERE!
Make us live in such a way each moment
that, at Your doorsteps, crowds would gather there
wanting that which they behold within us:
the passion, peace and love, Lord, that You are,
because Your are THE ANSWER and the Glory,
and not because the end is not too far!"

AMEN!  So let each of us live in such a way that we may draw others into His Kingdom that they, too, may know the Life that we enjoy in Him: JESUS CHRIST!


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