Sunday, November 10, 2019

Just in case, "THANK YOU!!"

Too many of those who have served this country have never heard that.  I could not serve due to my brain.  (That's another story.)  However, I remember calling my dad when he was in his '70's on Veteran's Day and thanking him for his service.  He said "Jimmy, no one has ever told me that," and he shed a tear.  After the call, guess who else was shedding tears?
So, if you have ever served...

"I do not even know your name,
but I owe you so much!
Because of how you spent your life
I speak...I hear...I touch...
What you did may have been worlds away
but it's affected mine!
You took the signed your name...
and you showed up in line!

It matters not the branch or rank,

and theatre aside,
YOU stepped up, you did your best,
and you did so with pride!
We honor you as best we can,
(and differ may way each,)
but you deserve AT LEAST this day--
no duty you to breech!

You veteran, each veteran

that reads this simple word
this country owes to you a life
for actions you've incurred!
And THIS MAN owes at least one page
filled with respect and thanks
to YOU--regardless of your branch,
your duty or your ranks!
Thank you for your service doing
what some of us could not;
thank you for your time doing
what some of us WOULD not!
And may your days be filled with honor
(most times overdue!)
America would not be as great
without people such as you!"

'Thank you' again to each and every one of you that have served this country and hold the title "Veteran."  You are appreciated, prayed for, loved and deserve all honor!


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