Friday, November 1, 2019

I saw You today!

Being in a position to watch, see and interact with so many people each day, it is so effortless to see and watch God move!  I certainly hope that each of YOU have such opportunity!

"I saw You once again today
as I saw people go their way;
in the triumphs, in the trials...
in the teardrops, in the smiles...
in the excess of some who came,
and in the needy of the same,
You orchestrated life I saw--
as I reflect, I'm filled with awe!

You are so visible each day

to them with eyes that look Your way.
I saw a hug 'out-of-the-blue...,'
I saw a reunion overdue...
somebody paid for another's meal
(and made me promise to conceal...)
another handed me some cash
to give the man with the gray moustache...

Yes, Lord, I saw You once again today;

in many a fresh and unique way.
Just like Your mercies--each day anew,
(but not always visible to view;)
but ALWAYS welcome, refreshing so
for this I've truly come to know!
I saw You, and I'll see You tomorrow
when, one more day, You let me borrow!"

God is alive.  God is moving.  His ways are not our ways, therefore we must watch carefully if we want to see Him move.  Do YOU give Him that opportunity throughout your day?  It is so rewarding!


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