Monday, November 25, 2019


'Celebrating a holiday...'  'Carrying on a tradition...'  'Having a few days off from work...'  Be it true that "Thanksgiving" is far more than this in our hearts and lives!

But longer than a 'holiday'
be gratitude to last!
If such were only 'seasonal,'
it would go by too fast!
But "Thanksgiving" be a state of heart
but each and every day,
as newer are the glories and
the blessings sent our way!

Thankful...for the love of God

and the fullness of His Son...
thankful...for the joy and peace
as He says "It is done!"
Thankful...for the lives of those
He puts into our lives...
Thankful...for his perfect Gift
that, every day, arrives!

Yes, needed is this holiday,
but much more needed so
is for each of us to be as grateful
as through EACH DAY we go!
He is The One Who gives those days
for us to live and gain.
O make your gratitude to Him
intentional and plain!

We are blessed.  We are so very blessed!  May the lives we live display how grateful we are to God for His constant watch upon us and His unselfish sharing of His bounty!

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