Tuesday, November 26, 2019

First of Glory!

The scent of the coffee is heavenly...the colors of the horizon are beyond number...and the Presence of God is overwhelming!  What a way to start the day!

O glory day You've made once more,

I see before I rise!
Beyond the fading autumn trees
so bright and blue the skies!
Those upon the wing make mirth
and sing without restraint;
and the joyous strength You give to life:
for naught be there to taint!
We take such glory everywhere
You've planned for us to go
that Your eternal attributes
all men should come to know!
Consume us and envelope us
that such may FREELY flow
to everyone in every place
You have for us to go!

The glory of the morning that

You've made with Your own hand.
I reaffirm my vow, o God,
that I will take a stand
and demonstrate how real You are
and present at all times,
even if it's out of rhythm,
lacking in its rhymes!

Yes, a glorious day it is...regardless of environment...regardless of surroundings...regardless of the present state.  Wherever You are, the glory of God is within you--and THAT makes it a beautiful day!


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