Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Christ in you out there!

Someone wiser than myself once said "You may be the only Jesus a person ever sees."  I heard it many years ago somewhere.  However, over the years, I have seen with my own eyes the truth of it!  Have YOU realized it yet?

Christ out in the multitude--
has anything it costed?
We are to be His joy and strength
in a world that's exhausted!
We are called to even draw the same
into His house each week.
(In case you haven't noticed, there
are multitudes that seek!)
They are not looking for a sermon
to be preached AT them,
they're looking for a healing place
where they can touch His hem;
they are not seeking revelation
of what they're doing wrong,
they seek that which instills in them
that never-ending song!

What kind of Bible do others read

when you are in their midst?
When you're around can they discern
that hope and joy exist?
Our calling is not judging them
or to display disgust;
we are to make it clear that Christ
is Hope and Joy and Trust!
So do, and trust in Holy Spirit, 
He'll do all the rest!
Be Jesus Christ out in YOUR world
and, surely, you'll be blessed!

Be Christ among the nations.  Be Jesus in your own corner of the world.  He is so needed everywhere, and since He is alive inside of you, YOU CAN fill that need!

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