Monday, November 11, 2019

Brand New Man!

A brand new man.  Not the one that used to subsidize his income with a cue stick...not the one that used to find ways around security systems...not the one that used to ______________!  No, a brand new man because JESUS came into my heart!

"Where is the man that once I was
before I was Your own?
The same, for He is passed away
with the past that he has known!
For You have made this man anew,
and Your ways are not my ways!
Your ways are far superior,
thus I give You all praise!

For you have lowered Yourself, o God,

for me to so relate.
You saved my very soul in ways
MY ways to elevate!
So fortunate, so valuable
You make this man to be;
see to it therefore, oh my God,
my brother, too, may see!

I am no better than another--

it's YOU inside my heart!
Therefore, the Greatest Calling,
unto me, do You impart!
Cause me to meet that Calling, lord,
by loving like You do,
that others may be truly drawn
to so belong to you!"

What I say...what I think...what I do should all be 'peculiar' in this earthly place that others may see it, wonder and be JESUS!  So be my prayer each day.  So be my prayer for even you!


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