Saturday, November 23, 2019


"Though we are IN the world, we are not OF the world."
God's Word gives us that command.  But for some, it seems, it is easier to 'fit in' that it is to 'stand out!'

We are in an amusing place

that differs day-to-day;
the pace of life that goes on here
defies what words can say!
But we're also a 'peculiar' people
if we belong to Him;
and our way of life should rise above,
with a light that does not dim!
Thus, the way that we treat others,
it should set us too apart:
not guided by 'emotion,' rather
guided by the heart!
And the words that leave our lips, they should
carriers of life,
not words that degrade or slander,
or foster pain and strife!

Yes, we are a 'peculiar' people

possessing a unique gift.
That which we each do and say should,
those around us, lift!
Regardless what the name is on
the church to which we go,
our mission is the very same:
that Christ will clearly show!

In your your workplace...even in your own church, there are people that are hurting, reaching, feeling for anything to which they can anchor hope!  If they cannot see, hear or feel it from YOU, they will try to get it elsewhere.  And THAT could be detrimental! 


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