Tuesday, November 5, 2019

A Life Complete

Too often, we run into folks who think that we, as Christians, have all the 'right and good' things happening constantly.  If they only knew...

This life--it will not always go our way.

Sometimes, common sense is led astray;
and day-to-day events include great pain,
even that kind that so few can explain.
BUT GOD, He is very present through it all!
He will NEVER leave the ones who heed His call.
And though we may go through those tings above,
He goes through them with us due abundant love!

Is 'life' affecting you  in such a way?

Know that you're not alone--not ANY day!
Know that He is with You and give Him your all;
and victory--it has prevailed, and your chains WILL fall!

This life--though it is a gift and it is beautiful, it is also often cruel and painful.  It hurts!  Try not to let those times affect you to the point that it hinders you from living.  That is not God's purpose at all.  His purpose for you is grand and glorious.  It is the road to that purpose that is sometimes painful.  

Press on, my friend.  He has great plans for you!

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