Tuesday, November 26, 2019

First of Glory!

The scent of the coffee is heavenly...the colors of the horizon are beyond number...and the Presence of God is overwhelming!  What a way to start the day!

O glory day You've made once more,

I see before I rise!
Beyond the fading autumn trees
so bright and blue the skies!
Those upon the wing make mirth
and sing without restraint;
and the joyous strength You give to life:
for naught be there to taint!
We take such glory everywhere
You've planned for us to go
that Your eternal attributes
all men should come to know!
Consume us and envelope us
that such may FREELY flow
to everyone in every place
You have for us to go!

The glory of the morning that

You've made with Your own hand.
I reaffirm my vow, o God,
that I will take a stand
and demonstrate how real You are
and present at all times,
even if it's out of rhythm,
lacking in its rhymes!

Yes, a glorious day it is...regardless of environment...regardless of surroundings...regardless of the present state.  Wherever You are, the glory of God is within you--and THAT makes it a beautiful day!


Monday, November 25, 2019


'Celebrating a holiday...'  'Carrying on a tradition...'  'Having a few days off from work...'  Be it true that "Thanksgiving" is far more than this in our hearts and lives!

But longer than a 'holiday'
be gratitude to last!
If such were only 'seasonal,'
it would go by too fast!
But "Thanksgiving" be a state of heart
but each and every day,
as newer are the glories and
the blessings sent our way!

Thankful...for the love of God

and the fullness of His Son...
thankful...for the joy and peace
as He says "It is done!"
Thankful...for the lives of those
He puts into our lives...
Thankful...for his perfect Gift
that, every day, arrives!

Yes, needed is this holiday,
but much more needed so
is for each of us to be as grateful
as through EACH DAY we go!
He is The One Who gives those days
for us to live and gain.
O make your gratitude to Him
intentional and plain!

We are blessed.  We are so very blessed!  May the lives we live display how grateful we are to God for His constant watch upon us and His unselfish sharing of His bounty!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Thanksgiving (for some!)

(Earlier this week, I had 10 minutes to grab a bite before I got back to my window.  I grabbed something, and sat down in lobby with someone that I had never met.  
It's five days away, but some of us have been planning on it for weeks.  The plans of this person got all mixed up as I had a conversation earlier this week.  It all boils down to 'perspective...'  To paraphrase his words:)

"Thanksgiving be upon us--I have

so much to be thankful for!
Despite how I may look or smell,
it's true: I have so much more!
The looks that I receive from others...
the shaking of the head....
I choose to focus on the Lord
and, thankful, be instead.

I do not have possessions like

what other people do...
I do not have the living quarters
had by such as you...
I do have satisfaction, though,
and I know I'll be fed;
though you may turn your back on me,
Christ reaches out instead!

It was not my decision to

be in such state this year,
but I know that this life changes, so
I haven't any fear!
The mountaintop is wonderful,
but fruit grows in the valley;
and no matter how hard you try to look
you can't see past this alley.

You may not even see me.  You may see me and look the other way.  That matters not.  GOD SEES ME.  And He also sees to my daily needs.  The only question is: will YOU savor the joy that comes in helping God meet those needs?  My current situation is temporary.  Is your heart's attitude temporary too?"


Saturday, November 23, 2019


"Though we are IN the world, we are not OF the world."
God's Word gives us that command.  But for some, it seems, it is easier to 'fit in' that it is to 'stand out!'

We are in an amusing place

that differs day-to-day;
the pace of life that goes on here
defies what words can say!
But we're also a 'peculiar' people
if we belong to Him;
and our way of life should rise above,
with a light that does not dim!
Thus, the way that we treat others,
it should set us too apart:
not guided by 'emotion,' rather
guided by the heart!
And the words that leave our lips, they should
carriers of life,
not words that degrade or slander,
or foster pain and strife!

Yes, we are a 'peculiar' people

possessing a unique gift.
That which we each do and say should,
those around us, lift!
Regardless what the name is on
the church to which we go,
our mission is the very same:
that Christ will clearly show!

In your house...in your workplace...even in your own church, there are people that are hurting, reaching, feeling for anything to which they can anchor hope!  If they cannot see, hear or feel it from YOU, they will try to get it elsewhere.  And THAT could be detrimental! 


Thursday, November 21, 2019

What are 'Words' for?

Late afternoon.  Sitting in the office.  I lean back from the desk and see the row of notebooks lining the wall.  They are filled with pages of words that have been penned over the years as I have opened a notebook and written "SPEAK, OH LORD."  He has always been faithful to fill in the page...but what do I do with them then?

"How many are the thought and word
that eyes won't see, that won't be heard?
How many pages have amassed
that, by no other eyes, have passed?
I see the volumes on my shelves
awaiting to be seen by selves
that seek to know, that seek to hear,
O help me spread Your words so clear!

Too many, even by one man,

have been written with a glorious plan
to further unveil the glory of
Your mercy, Your grace, Your perfect love!
Pages so filled with Life and Hope
penned to help others see You and cope!
Yet there they sit, with title and date...
O Lord, but what shall be their fate?!
I KNOW You don't give them to me
so others cannot hear or see
the wonder of You that they contain!
It hurts.  But, then, You know the pain.

So Lord, take each letter, verse and word.

Use each so that YOU may be heard
and bring hope and joy and love and peace
to a world where such needs great release!
For these words that You loan to this man--
they have a greater purpose and plan
and You can do so much more than I!
I avail my pen to You, God Most high!"

It is the prayer of this servant that these words are touching you and that you can feel Jesus as you read them as I feel Him as He is giving them to me!

In HIS Service,

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Christ in you out there!

Someone wiser than myself once said "You may be the only Jesus a person ever sees."  I heard it many years ago somewhere.  However, over the years, I have seen with my own eyes the truth of it!  Have YOU realized it yet?

Christ out in the multitude--
has anything it costed?
We are to be His joy and strength
in a world that's exhausted!
We are called to even draw the same
into His house each week.
(In case you haven't noticed, there
are multitudes that seek!)
They are not looking for a sermon
to be preached AT them,
they're looking for a healing place
where they can touch His hem;
they are not seeking revelation
of what they're doing wrong,
they seek that which instills in them
that never-ending song!

What kind of Bible do others read

when you are in their midst?
When you're around can they discern
that hope and joy exist?
Our calling is not judging them
or to display disgust;
we are to make it clear that Christ
is Hope and Joy and Trust!
So do, and trust in Holy Spirit, 
He'll do all the rest!
Be Jesus Christ out in YOUR world
and, surely, you'll be blessed!

Be Christ among the nations.  Be Jesus in your own corner of the world.  He is so needed everywhere, and since He is alive inside of you, YOU CAN fill that need!

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Lead, follow or get out of the way!

God is on the move!  He is alive and well and changing hearts and lives all over this globe!  Question is: will WE get involved?

"Oh Father, I would focus on You moving

and let 'tradition' not get in the way!
For You have so much more than 'expectations'
and Your mercies, they are newer every day!
It's a very busy world we are involved in;
but, Lord, do I include YOU in the same?
In Your Church, in my house, in my labors
let me NEVER cease to glorify Your Name!
And may 'comfortable' not ever be accepted,
lest life about me, it would cease to flow!
Father Lord, a 'Holy Ghost' rebellion
happen THROUGH us everywhere we go!

I love Your house--but make that house so massive

that I talk of it to each and everyone!
O make Yourself so tangible about me
that they desire where to find Your Son!
O fill those holy places where we gather
with them that need to know Your saving Blood!
Be there so great a witness, Lord, about us
that, to Your doorsteps, there be so great a flood!

Yes, God, You are so alive so deep within us,

but cause that life to spill out EVERYWHERE!
Make us live in such a way each moment
that, at Your doorsteps, crowds would gather there
wanting that which they behold within us:
the passion, peace and love, Lord, that You are,
because Your are THE ANSWER and the Glory,
and not because the end is not too far!"

AMEN!  So let each of us live in such a way that we may draw others into His Kingdom that they, too, may know the Life that we enjoy in Him: JESUS CHRIST!


Monday, November 18, 2019

That which surpasses all!

Peace...oh what a precious gift!  And TRUE peace from Him Who is called Peace!  Do YOU have it in your life?  It is more than a 'gift,' it is a necessity!

Peace--what blessed peace availed

to any and to all!
It comes from Jesus Christ the Lord,
the One Who seals your call!
A peace beyond all explanations--
greater than all word;
o blessed peace availed through Him--
nowhere else seen, felt or heard!

How can even poet capture

such upon a page?
But greater, to enjoy it as
the world about may rage!
For even in the trial and 
tribulations that persist,
Jesus and The peace he is
do certainly exist!

Peace--His Name is Jesus; He

refuses for to cease!
Out of his perfect love and care,
your life, He won't release!
Press on!  Press on!  Progress in that
which you have been assigned,
for, by the imperfections here,
you shall not be maligned!

How wonderful to savor His Peace even in the days we are, the times that are.  It IS possible, even if it YOU going through those times!  Trust in Jesus.  HE WILL NOT FAIL!


Saturday, November 16, 2019


A busy world.
Not only are we busy with what we must get done, the world is busy attempting to sway us and do what it wants us to do.  Which heart will you respond to?

The world and its temptations--

sometimes, they sound so good!
So diligent must one become
lest we get taken and stood!
The closer to the end we get,
the tactics become worse!
The enemy has had so many 
centuries to rehearse!

BUT GOD, He is protection from

the wiles of the same!
Stay in His Word.  Stand firm in Him,
your victor to claim!
There is so much out there that sounds
just too good to be true;
but riches that are true and pure
will HE reveal to you!

Succumb not to the traps that are

abounding in the days!
Provider God, He is so faithful
each and every day!
Trust in Him for all you need
and so avoid the snares;
stay in His Word and He'll see you're
not taken unawares!

The more advanced we become, the more savvy we become with what He entrusts unto us, the enemy redoubles his efforts to embezzle us out of it.  DON'T LET HIM!!  Know The Word.  Know His voice, and become acquainted with His ways.  For there are too many others out their attempting to force their ways upon us!


Friday, November 15, 2019

The Vast Glory!

What a glorious day!  What a panorama before me of his creation!  I see the intricacy and the detail of what He has made, and I am humbled that He would call even me to savor it...

Looking out across the open land
with the morning sunlight to expand;
my eyes be drawn unto the boundless blue
and to that land that's yet out of our view!
The One Who loves and keeps us in His care,
He is the very one Who governs there,
and all things all of us are going through--
none of them will affect in that venue!

And, from His post just there beyond the sky,

He cheers for us!  He pulls for you and I
as each of us, THROUGH all things, persevere:
the trial and tribulation that is here!
And He reminds us that he has a Perfect Place
where, struggles of the present, we won't face!
Pain and suffering--they will all be gone,
all good and perfect, there, will carry on!
And his glorious Presence--the greatest of all good,
in That Place will be seen ad understood!

The grand and glorious--so visible right now,

it's but a foretaste of forever's vow!
Press on! Press on!  For it will be worth it all!
IF you have responded to His Spirit's call!

Be quick to answer that Call, my friend!  It is availed to one and all, but time is fleeting and, unlike His Paradise, His call will not last forever.


Monday, November 11, 2019

Brand New Man!

A brand new man.  Not the one that used to subsidize his income with a cue stick...not the one that used to find ways around security systems...not the one that used to ______________!  No, a brand new man because JESUS came into my heart!

"Where is the man that once I was
before I was Your own?
The same, for He is passed away
with the past that he has known!
For You have made this man anew,
and Your ways are not my ways!
Your ways are far superior,
thus I give You all praise!

For you have lowered Yourself, o God,

for me to so relate.
You saved my very soul in ways
MY ways to elevate!
So fortunate, so valuable
You make this man to be;
see to it therefore, oh my God,
my brother, too, may see!

I am no better than another--

it's YOU inside my heart!
Therefore, the Greatest Calling,
unto me, do You impart!
Cause me to meet that Calling, lord,
by loving like You do,
that others may be truly drawn
to so belong to you!"

What I say...what I think...what I do should all be 'peculiar' in this earthly place that others may see it, wonder and be drawn...to JESUS!  So be my prayer each day.  So be my prayer for even you!


Sunday, November 10, 2019

Just in case, "THANK YOU!!"

Too many of those who have served this country have never heard that.  I could not serve due to my brain.  (That's another story.)  However, I remember calling my dad when he was in his '70's on Veteran's Day and thanking him for his service.  He said "Jimmy, no one has ever told me that," and he shed a tear.  After the call, guess who else was shedding tears?
So, if you have ever served...

"I do not even know your name,
but I owe you so much!
Because of how you spent your life
I speak...I hear...I touch...
What you did may have been worlds away
but it's affected mine!
You took the call...you signed your name...
and you showed up in line!

It matters not the branch or rank,

and theatre aside,
YOU stepped up, you did your best,
and you did so with pride!
We honor you as best we can,
(and differ may way each,)
but you deserve AT LEAST this day--
no duty you to breech!

You veteran, each veteran

that reads this simple word
this country owes to you a life
for actions you've incurred!
And THIS MAN owes at least one page
filled with respect and thanks
to YOU--regardless of your branch,
your duty or your ranks!
Thank you for your service doing
what some of us could not;
thank you for your time doing
what some of us WOULD not!
And may your days be filled with honor
(most times overdue!)
America would not be as great
without people such as you!"

'Thank you' again to each and every one of you that have served this country and hold the title "Veteran."  You are appreciated, prayed for, loved and deserve all honor!


Saturday, November 9, 2019

Promises Beyond!

Morning once again.
The daily routine begins.  So much to do...in spite of how we may feel.  First, though, to meet with Jesus for a while.  And, as I do, I receive a promise:

In the earliest of early

life is yet happening!
There is a glory chorus from
so many on the wing;
and there is a City on my heart
where night comes not at all,
and there is a longing in my soul
to be there with them all!

Ah, yes--Heaven--it is in my heart

and everlasting song!
That Paradise with Jesus and
His crimson-purchased throng!
Where all will be perfection, oh,
and time shall be no more;
can you see it too, my friend,
just there beyond that shore?

The earliest of early, oh,

but ANY time of day
sweet glimpses of that Glory land
He makes to come our way
to give us hope, to give us strength,
to cause us to press on,
and to remind that, daily trials,
some day will all be gone!

Join with me won't you, friend, in seeing beyond the pain and imperfections of people, time and place to the glory that awaits?  It WILL be worth it all!


Friday, November 8, 2019


Yes, I have found that there are some that must be reminded to.  Too many be they that feel they are no longer of any use.  THAT'S JUST NOT TRUE!!

Be there...live...show up for life!

Once more does He provide!
He did not mean for you to simply
sit along the side!
He meant for you to be involved,
and 'purpose' does He give;
not just simply to 'survive,'
but get out there and LIVE!!

There are so many that cannot

'get out' as it be known.
Nonethelesss, He has so much
so you are not alone!
Even if you can't 'get out,'
pick up the phone and call!
For there are others wondering 
if any care at all.
The same be so rewarding,
and it can heal also.
You may not fathom in this life
the lengths that it may go;
BUT GOD, He uses simple things
and ministers through such;
regardless of the magnitude,
so present be His touch!

Yes, be there, live, show up for life,

it's passing by so fast!
And many be the blessings yet
that wait to be amassed!

There is a very large, very busy world out there that needs you.  Too,  there are countless numbers of folks somewhere that would love to hear a voice on the other end of the phone...or get a card once in a while.

'Ministry' is something far greater than what preachers do.  It is something that ALL are called to do.  Get with it!

Thursday, November 7, 2019


Technology is AWESOME...when it is working correctly!  Too often, however, I/we become so dependent upon it that we lose sight of the simple use of 'time' when it is not working properly.  May we NEVER take 'simplicity' for granted!

When everything is gone, I still have You!

When things aren't working, You continue to.
You are dependable, You never fail
and You're 'everything' You constantly avail!

Where would we be, Lord, if it weren't for you?

Through tragedy and trial You pursue
to assure Your Own that You are here,
regardless of the good or bad that's near!
And even when 'technology' may fail,
we KNOW that, in You, our day will prevail.
What sweet assurance may we each enjoy
as, faith in YOU, we possess, Lord, and employ!

Yes, technology is a great and precious gift,

the lives and ease of so many to uplift,
but greater is Your presence in this life--
lest, multiplied, be the agony and strife!
For it is YOU that gives to man insight so wise!
Our simple logic Your great insight defies
and causes us to realize and to progress!
How many, o my God, are the ways that You bless!

Something so simple in this life that we may even take for granted fails or crashes...and we panic!  The electricity goes out, even briefly, and we freak!  Such shouldn't be.  He loves us and KNOWS each of us much better than that, and HE will never fail!

Where have you put your trust?

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Live life TODAY!

Slow down.  Look around you.  Enjoy the wonder and the majesty of RIGHT NOW!  Too many things are out there tempting us to 'hurry.'  There is NO time for that!

One day at a time is all
that I have time to live;
I can't keep up with the schedule
that 'things' or 'companies' give!
Already go too fast the days
that happen one-by-one;
and already is there plenty of work
that, THIS DAY, must be done!

I know that 'seasons' are approaching,

I know what they entail;
but if I try to live beyond today
surely I will fail!
Is that why "present" is a present
out of His great vow?
He knows exactly what I need
for the here and now.

So LIVE--and fret not for the morrow,

nor approaching 'season;'
He would not give us such command
if there were not a reason!
Enjoy the day, the day that IS,
and so avoid the stress
that others try to put upon us,
and we'll avoid distress!

Year after year, businesses about are pushing blessings such as Christmas upon us sooner and sooner.  Don't let them.  Enjoy the days that are and let the days to come take care of themselves.  God has His way of doing that!


Tuesday, November 5, 2019

A Life Complete

Too often, we run into folks who think that we, as Christians, have all the 'right and good' things happening constantly.  If they only knew...

This life--it will not always go our way.

Sometimes, common sense is led astray;
and day-to-day events include great pain,
even that kind that so few can explain.
BUT GOD, He is very present through it all!
He will NEVER leave the ones who heed His call.
And though we may go through those tings above,
He goes through them with us due abundant love!

Is 'life' affecting you  in such a way?

Know that you're not alone--not ANY day!
Know that He is with You and give Him your all;
and victory--it has prevailed, and your chains WILL fall!

This life--though it is a gift and it is beautiful, it is also often cruel and painful.  It hurts!  Try not to let those times affect you to the point that it hinders you from living.  That is not God's purpose at all.  His purpose for you is grand and glorious.  It is the road to that purpose that is sometimes painful.  

Press on, my friend.  He has great plans for you!

Monday, November 4, 2019

The Weekend

As many of you know, the weekend is supposed to be a time of rest to recover from the week.  In some businesses, however, the weekend means that the job will be busier because others are not at work!

Leaving for the city and
the calling that He gives.
It's Saturday--therefore, all life
gets out and really lives!
Already I'm expecting business
BUSY is going to be...
already knowing that the Hand
of God I'm going to see!

God--He is so present in

the duties of the day!
He is alive and on the move
but all along the way!
I so look forward to the ways
that I'll see Him anew;
already is the expectation
He will be in view!
And ready to be used in ways
that only He knows how!
He is so very present in
the here and in the now!
But He is newer every day,
and fresh, His mercies, so;
so here I go to do the things
that only He can know!

Every day with God is a new adventure.  Every moment is a new opportunity to watch Him or join Him in living!  Don't miss out on those precious times...no matter what day it is!


Saturday, November 2, 2019

Season Ripe!

Ahhh...the glory of His handiwork...and right before the eyes!  May each and all of us NEVER take such for granted.  For God, The Great Creator, is THE original and best artist...

Autumn in the latter days--
how many even care?
So busy are the days that are
that most be unaware;
some of us can 'feel' it in ways
we would rather not...
while others try to capture it
with a camera shot!

No matter, it be beauty, even
to the weakest eye;
and though the seasons motion, in
so many ways, outcry,
it's all part of the wonder of
the order set forth He;
(I wish, though, that it wasn't 'felt'
inside the joints of such as we!)

Autumn--though it's half-way old,
it still remains ablaze!
And so amazing to the eyes,
especially on sunny days!
The hands of god with palette and
with brush at liberty;
to so behold His handiwork,
most fortunate, are we!

Wherever you are, whomever you are, it is the prayer of this man that even you have opportune to behold the wonder and spectacle of the seasons!  Life would be so boring without them!

Friday, November 1, 2019

I saw You today!

Being in a position to watch, see and interact with so many people each day, it is so effortless to see and watch God move!  I certainly hope that each of YOU have such opportunity!

"I saw You once again today
as I saw people go their way;
in the triumphs, in the trials...
in the teardrops, in the smiles...
in the excess of some who came,
and in the needy of the same,
You orchestrated life I saw--
as I reflect, I'm filled with awe!

You are so visible each day

to them with eyes that look Your way.
I saw a hug 'out-of-the-blue...,'
I saw a reunion overdue...
somebody paid for another's meal
(and made me promise to conceal...)
another handed me some cash
to give the man with the gray moustache...

Yes, Lord, I saw You once again today;

in many a fresh and unique way.
Just like Your mercies--each day anew,
(but not always visible to view;)
but ALWAYS welcome, refreshing so
for this I've truly come to know!
I saw You, and I'll see You tomorrow
when, one more day, You let me borrow!"

God is alive.  God is moving.  His ways are not our ways, therefore we must watch carefully if we want to see Him move.  Do YOU give Him that opportunity throughout your day?  It is so rewarding!