Monday, October 7, 2019

Where is Beauty?

It's right before my eyes as I stand before the vast valley and soaring mountain range!  But is THAT the only place it can be found...

As the panorama thrills the willing vision,
adoration rises to The King!
Sights that so defy vocabulary
o but daily does Creator God so bring!
But the beauty that is written on the landscape,
the same, for it is written so in lives!
The glory and the majesty we're seeking,
sometimes, inside of people it arrives!
However, it takes effort oft to find it;
other times, it's right before your eyes!
The heart that knows such beauty is availed,
it is THAT heart that will surely realize!

Yes, there is beauty in the people all about us.

And we must understand God puts it there.
And you don't even have to set out on a journey,
for His touch, it is in sight most everywhere!
People helping people every moment,
(so often, is the same done unawares!)
However, it is all so orchestrated
by a God who loves and gives and greatly cares!

Look for that beauty in the folks you come into contact with each day.  It isn't very difficult to find.  We overlook it too often because we are too busy looking for and expecting something else!  

God is everywhere.  His Presence is everywhere...even in the people He puts in our path!

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