Tuesday, October 1, 2019

"Well...It's a Battle!"

I heard those words from a very strong Christian man years ago, but I never knew their significance until I had matured a little.

Disaster strikes at any time...

tragedies also;
no person is immune from them,
no matter who you know!
For that which happens--it may be
but 'everyday' for some;
yet, unto others, it strikes fear,
and pain becomes the sum.
But God, He is aware of all
and knows the scope complete.
Amidst reports that we receive,
He stays above defeat!
And that same victory does He
avail to one and all.
He sees what is and what will be,
and listens for us to call!
And when we do, He is right there
with everything we need!
A loving Father is He, yes,
and merciful, indeed!

Has there been news that's rocked your world
and you don't understand?
Well, God is right in front of You
and holding out His hand!
His arms, they are just what you need,
His touch completely heals!
Reach our for Him, take hold of Him
and KNOW how true care feels!

Many years ago, I asked my first Sunday School teacher how he was doing.  He replied "Well, it's a battle."  In my young, innocent, immature heart I said to myself "No way.  God's got this!  What's his problem?!"  Now, years away from that, I realize that both of us were right, but I no longer ignore those red-flag words when someone tells them to me, as I have learned what kind of battle he was referring to.  Thanks, Bill.
How are YOU doing today?

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