Saturday, October 26, 2019

To That Restful Place

Escaping the labors once again.  The duties that were so enjoyed are over, time to relax.  However, there is a bit of a drive ahead...

The sky beyond the avenues.
(with buildings o so far!)
begins to fade, revealing night
so rife with countless star!
And even as the day is waning
business is robust!
The city--does it ever sleep?
'Twill always be discussed.

But I escape the city as

the duties come to end,
unto a quieter, darker place
riding with my Friend.
Jesus, He is right beside
at any and all time,
overseeing ALL of life,
regardless of the climb!

The company of Jesus--

what a blessing, what a gift!
Throughout the everyday of life,
so constant be His lift!
And even on a simple drive
the words that are between

make such a difference in this life,
so many ways unseen!

A very busy day indeed.  AND enjoyable.  But time now has come to go to where there is restoration.  Each person MUST find such a place, or life will grow old very quickly.  God helps prevent such in so many ways.  Take advantage of them!


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